Iraqi Dinar Guru Updates, Investment, News, Opinions, and Intel (03-7-2024)


These are Iraqi Dinar Guru Updates, News, Opinions, and Intel Dinar Opinion

According to Iraqi Dinar Newshound Guru Pimpy :

Comments from the community “…IQDs are oil credits.” Our currency will be transferred to banks, and eventually to the United States Treasury. The United States will utilize the currency to deal with Iraq for oil or other goods.” …No, it is not an oil credit; it is just a money. I’ve heard that rumor before. It’s just a normal currency Iraq has.

According to Intel Guru Frank26 :

[Iraq boots on the ground report] FIREFLY: Economic gurus on television claim Iraq has a high exchange rate to reveal… FRANK: Do you understand the term “lofty?” …The adjective lofty refers to being at the summit. They are informing you that they are about to give you an exchange rate that will be high for both your currency and you…which is the reverse of a program rate…

According to Iraqi Dinar Newshound Guru Militia Man :

It will not be possible to finance a country’s reconstruction in 1310. There isn’t enough money.90 trillion dinar divided by 1310 equals roughly $68 billion. Building a country with all of its components based on that value is unlikely…Can you fathom how much it will cost in 1310 to develop 15 industrial cities? 3 to 4 million residences, infrastructure, roads, sewer systems, water systems, and their military, all for $68 billion? I shook my head.

According to Intel Guru MarkZ :

[via PDK]. Question: Vietnam has a very low rate and is a member of the World Trade Organization. Is it necessary for Iraq to modify its value to participate? Mark Z: Yes. Vietnam is also under pressure to adjust the value of its currency. The United States has contemplated adding them to the sanction list for manipulating their currency…Prior to the Vietnam War, Vietnam had one of the world’s strongest currencies. Iraq has expressed a desire to reclaim its former status as the world’s most valued currency.

According to Iraqi Dinar Newshound Guru Kaperoni :

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) study, “Iraq: Staff Concluding Statement of the 2024 IMF Article IV Mission” According to the statement, “The authorities should therefore seek to enable private sector development, including…modernization of the financial sector and restructuring of state-owned banks, pension and electricity sector reforms…and continued efforts to…reduce corruption.” I’ve been saying something similar for years. If the Iraqi dinar’s value ever rises, it will be due to the country’s diversification and economic growth. Iraq should stop procrastinating and implement legislation to stimulate and invite investment into their own country.

According to Newshound Guru Walkingstic :

[Bank Friend #1 Update – He owns 7 banks, including two in Jordan.] He needed to put his banks on alert. The warning stated that you will be receiving equipment…These machines are used to count and categorize lower notes, while the prior machines only counted the three zeros.

According to Iraqi Dinar Newshound Guru Pimpy :

I don’t want you to become disheartened. Iraq has come a long ways. You already know this. I know you want things to happen overnight since you’ve been waiting so long. You’ve been patient for so long; just be patient a little longer. We see their foreign reserves increasing. We know that reform is going place. We know there is construction going on. We know they’ll fix their infrastructure…Yes, Iraq’s future seems quite promising.

According to Intel Guru Frank26 :

[Correction to Frank26’s dinar live on forex post 3-5-2024 below, as received from community member Tomas K] Thomas K: When you entered USD/IQD on the chart, it was erroneous…The US dollar can only be matched with the Iraqi dinar in this way: USDIQD or IQDUSD, depending on how you wish to interpret the figures, but without the forward slash. A forward slash indicates that the chart will display further data. Do not use a slash between the two Forex symbols. FRANK: This dude is right. I must apologize.

According to Iraqi Dinar Newshound Guru Clare :

Newspaper article: “Saleh confirms Iraq’s monetary sovereignty and reduces the effects of speculation in the parallel market” According to the report, “Saleh noted that this confirms the monetary sovereignty of our country through the stability of the national currency and dealing in it alone without the participation of foreign currencies in internal economic operations.”

According to Newshound Guru Pimpy :

We know that a significant chunk of the infrastructure has already been completed, and they did it at an exchange rate of 1310…

According to Iraqi Dinar Newshound Guru Militia Man :

I got a lot of backlash for using the word impending. I did not use such words; it was not me speaking. It is not up to me to inform you; they do. Newspaper article: “Iraq announces its imminent accession to the World Trade Organization” I didn’t say anything other than to repeat what the quotation is…They stated that.

According to Intel Guru MarkZ :

[via PDK]. It’s been really quiet overnight.I feel like this is the lull before the storm.

According to Iraqi Dinar Intel Guru Wolverine :

We are only one millimeter away…It’s coming…

According to Intel Guru MarkZ :

[via PDK]…JP Morgan (Jaime Dimon) declared that “Iraq will be the savior of the world economy”…That highlights the significance of the current situation in Iraq. There is a great deal of work and optimism behind this event.

According to Iraqi Dinar Intel Guru Bruce :

…We realize that the dinar and different monetary forms have been coming in on the forex and exchanging upward…the bank screens mirror that. They mirror the way that the monetary forms are exchanging up regardless squinting – on the screen, and that implies they’re not set. They’re not steady, however they’re consistently moving vertical in esteem. Also, they’re flickering. So…What would we say we are looking out for? I believe they’re only trusting that the monetary forms will stir things up around town that they believe they should hit before we get everything rolling. Also, apparently they are moving in that direction…So I’m amped up for where we are…And I truly believe that we’re looking good at the present time…