Iraqi Dinar Guru Updates, Investment, News, Opinions, and Intel (05-19-2024)


These are Iraqi Dinar Guru Updates, News, Opinions, and Intel Dinar Opinion

According to  Intel Guru Frank26 :

Query: “Have they shown the citizens the new smaller notes?” Not quite yet.

According to Iraqi Dinar Newshound Guru Pimpy :

True “Is it true the USA invested $60 billion into IQD?” No. It is a rumor. That has continued for an endless amount of years. There is absolutely no evidence to support such claim anywhere. It’s only a rumor, just like the ones about Trump owning it, Obama owning it, and Bush owning it before that. We hear that a president owns IQD every time a new one takes office. There isn’t any evidence available. I repeatedly challenged individuals to provide me with any evidence proving that a president or other high official had made a specific investment in the IQD. All that is true is a circulating rumor. That is all there is to it.

According to Newshound Guru Kaperoni :

There is now no need for any lower denominations.

According to Iraqi Dinar Newshound Guru Deepwoodz :

The rate on the “black market,” or parallel market, is unlawful. They have been attempting to eliminate this rate, and as we all know, doing so is as simple as increasing the value of their national currency. a sum that is far more than the money they have been using for the past 20 years. The way they are going about this, in my opinion, is similar to creating all the financial infrastructure first so that, once everything else is built, it can sustain the most valuable currency rate in the world. They’re doing it correctly. not only a simple switch flick. The frosting is the very final component of the cake. The finest is saved until last.

According to Newshound Guru Clare :

Quote from the Article: “Members of the Security Council support ending the mission of the UNAMI mission in Iraq” Translation: “A number of members of the UN Security Council – including Russia and China – yesterday, Thursday, supported Baghdad’s request to end the mission of the United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) by next year, but Washington did not immediately provide its support for this step.”

According to Iraqi Dinar Intel Guru RayRen98 :

[via Babysmom] Banks anticipate seeing live rates following Forex’s opening at 5:00 p.m. Eastern…

According to Newshound Guru Samson :

Article: “The United States’ unclear stance and Iraq’s request to terminate UNAMI’s mission are supported by the Security Council.”

According to Iraqi Dinar Newshound Guru Militia Man :

The United States of America declared its support for Iraq’s WTO entry.Saudi Arabia helped Iraq in a year by doing work that would have taken fifteen years.Every prerequisite for participation was fulfilled…The IMF directors now applauded the continued attempts to join the WTO.

According to Intel Guru Frank26 :

The article: “Floating the dinar… Will it achieve monetary stability in Iraq?” As we suggested, citizens would become more aware of financial reform education, and as of right now, floating is the subject—not a basket, just as we informed you.I think this is fantastic news.This is really lovely.

According to Iraqi Dinar Intel Guru Bruce :

[WiserNow] We are aware that in 2003, Iraq paid back a loan obtained from the IMF, at which point the new 25 10,000 5000 1000 dinar notes were created. The notes we currently possess were printed beginning in 2003. Additionally, they returned a $8 billion loan that Iraq had received from the IMF in 2003. You needed a revalued dinar in order to accomplish so, and the rates are available on ATMs at Baghdad’s airports and other locations. Have they switched to, I believe, the new national rate? If so, they are keeping it a secret until they are ready to make everything public.