Iraqi Dinar Guru Updates, Investment, News, Opinions, and Intel (10-5-2023)


These are Iraqi Dinar Guru Updates, News, Opinions, and Intel Dinar Opinions

According to Newshound Guru Militia Man :

I am confident that Iraq will never have a deficit again. Their income streams are increasing rapidly and they will soon surpass their current financial status. Once they change the value of their currency, they will no longer need to rely on their dollar reserves, which will continue to grow significantly. Additionally, they have been able to recover a substantial amount of money over the past year, with an estimated $450 billion to be clawed back. With all these factors, Iraq will become a very wealthy country.

According to Iraqi Dinar Newshound Guru Pimpy :

Our ultimate goal is for the sanctions on Iraqi dinar to be lifted so that we can redeem our dinars without any limitations. Even if the dinar is reinstated to $3.22, we cannot redeem it anywhere in the US as most companies and banks do not accept it due to the sanctions. Therefore, we need to wait for the sanctions to be lifted before we can redeem our dinars. The question is, will the sanctions be lifted before the revaluation or only after an RI?

According to Intel Guru Frank26 :

Sudani announced that within a week he would introduce a new banking service that will reduce USD usage, leading to an increase in the value of the Iraqi dinar.

According to Iraqi Dinar Intel Guru RayRen98 :

Iraqis were called very early in the morning due to their excitement over lower denominations. Stay tuned for updates.

According to Newshound/Intel Guru Walkingstick :

The RD (Redenomination) is very close to being completed, which will lead to the RI (Revaluation) of Iraq’s currency. The RI phase will start once the RD is finished and the new currency is in circulation. This will be followed by an RV (Revaluation) of the currency’s exchange rate value. Once all these steps are completed, it will initiate an international float, using an international currency basket.

According to Iraqi Dinar Newshound/Intel Guru Walkingstick :

It has been reported that the Federal Reserve is supporting the monetary reform of the Iraqi dinar for a new exchange rate. This monetary reform, referred to as MR, began with a revaluation (RV), which involved calculating the numbers and values of banks, bank accounts, CBI, and assets in the ground. The RV has now led to the current phase, called redenomination (RD), which involves replacing the 3-zero notes with a new currency.[Post 1 of 2….stay tuned]

According to Newshound Guru Militia Man :

The citizens of Iraq have been aware for a long time that the country has plans to remove zeros from the exchange rate for their currency. They are hesitant to give up their dinar as they anticipate increased purchasing power and the potential to earn more money as a result.

According to Iraqi Dinar Newshound Guru Clare :

An economics expert advised Nina that preventing the withdrawal of dollars in Erbil through Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) is a health measure. He emphasized that this step will help in eliminating parallel markets and exchange rates, putting an end to dollarization, and promoting an automatic increase in the value of the Iraqi dinar.

According to Newshound Guru Pimpy :

It seems that Al-Sudani is making it clear that Iraq is trying to avoid involvement in the current conflict in the Middle East. Despite their support for Palestine, they have already been through a lot and do not want to cause any further trouble with the United States. Al-Sudani is taking a stance by stating that Iraq will not get in the middle of this little scuffle and will not create any chaos with the United States.

According to Iraqi Dinar Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat :

I have noticed a number of events scheduled for January 2024. I want to update you on my most recent conversation with my CBI contact. According to what I was told, the re-education campaign is still in progress, but has not yet been implemented. There is speculation within the CBI that it may be postponed due to the conflict in the Gaza Strip, but at this time, there has been no official decision or directive to support this claim.