Iraqi Dinar Guru Updates, Investment, News, Opinions, and Intel (12-7-2023)


These are Iraqi Dinar Guru Updates, News, Opinions, and Intel Dinar Opinions

According to Iraqi Dinar Newshound Guru Pimpy :

“I anticipate an increase in the first quarter of next year. The reason for my prediction is that I am paying close attention to everything that Iraq is doing. They are planning to move away from using the US dollar for trade by 2024, and they have already started doing currency swaps with other countries. This means that they will start trading in each other’s currencies. These developments are positive, and I believe that they will lead to an increase in value somewhere around the 1st quarter of next year. Let’s hope and see if they do it.”

According to Intel Guru Frank26 :

“I remember you mentioning that you plan to do your exchange process either at your home or at an attorney’s office. Is that correct?” “Yes, that’s correct. I’m planning to exchange my dinars in my own home. However, if a bank wants to take my dinars, they must first prove that they will take good care of me and my dinars. I don’t want to be charged anything to exchange them – that would be rude. My attorney will come to my house, and we will sign papers and complete the exchange process. It’s not a difficult process at all.”

According to Iraqi Dinar Newshound Guru Militia Man :

Bilateral and multilateral trade and banking indicate Iraq’s increasing international involvement. I believe that I am absolutely correct, and the evidence is unmistakable.

According to Intel Guru MarkZ :

A community member shared a story about a former US congressman who was asked about banking changes and whether he owned any foreign currencies, specifically if he was familiar with the revaluation. The congressman confirmed that he owned some foreign currency and that it was genuine. When asked about the dinar specifically, the congressman reportedly said that he owned some and that they were expecting it to revalue. This information was shared by a community member who has a high level of respect for the former congressman and believes that he has insider knowledge.

According to Iraqi Dinar Newshound Guru Kaperoni :

In order for the dinar to increase in value based on supply and demand, it must first be stabilized within the country and meet the 2% rule set by the IMF. This requires the acceptance of IMF article VIII and a float of the dinar. However, all of these processes and steps take time.

According to Newshound Guru Breitling :

The following text seems to be a comment from a member of a community: “Obviously Iraq wants to expand its markets. The currency swaps with other countries are something new. Why now? Why would a country wish to participate in a currency swap with a currency worth 1/10th of a penny unless they saw the future potential of the dinar?” It appears that the commenter is onto something here. The reason why we are seeing an increase in currency swaps in Iraq is because they are trying to pull out all the currencies that compete with the local currency, the Iraqi dinar. They are removing all the foreign currencies from the local markets, including the Euro and the Dollar, and replacing them with the Iraqi dinar. This is a very positive development for us because it indicates that Iraq is confident about the future of its market.

According to Iraqi Dinar Intel Guru MarkZ :

(From Rod Steele) “The IMF caused delays, but yesterday predicted completion and release for today in Iraq. We’ll see soon.”

According to Newshound Guru Pimpy :

Iraq is investing in its infrastructure by repairing the 10th largest port in the world and opening up one of the largest roads for interstate commerce. They are also engaging with companies to do business with them and meeting with other countries for trade opportunities. As Iraq strengthens its economy and diversifies its revenue sources beyond oil, it needs to address corruption and stabilize its government while preventing missile launches against US soldiers. These efforts will contribute to the strengthening of the Iraqi dinar, leading to gradual increases over time.

According to Iraqi Dinar Intel Guru Frank26 :

“Iraq boots-on-the-ground report: Firefly was watching TV when the IMF started criticizing Iraq. However, suddenly, the World Bank stood up and defended Iraq, saying that there is a plan in place and that as soon as the dinar revalues, imports will increase because of an increase in purchasing power. The World Bank is saying that the dinar revaluation will cause Iraq to buy more imports. Frank confirmed that this is not a secret anymore and that it is an announcement and evidence of the same.”

According to Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat :

“I am getting more and more excited with each call to Iraq (with CBI contact). From our previous conversations, we know that Iraq is eager to continue with the financial reform plan, which includes currency reform as a top priority.”

According to Iraqi Dinar Intel Guru MarkZ :

According to an article from PDK, Vietnam and Japan have established a comprehensive strategic partnership. Japan has ranked Vietnam as its number 4 trading partner, indicating strong growth in trade and military cooperation between the two nations. Additionally, Vietnam and Turkey are working towards strengthening their ties and have agreed to use their local currencies for trade. These developments suggest that Vietnam is making significant strides in the international economy.