Iraqi News Highlights and Points to Ponder Tuesday Afternoon 11-14-23 


Iraqi News Highlights and Points to Ponder Tuesday Afternoon 11-14-23 

The US Federal Reserve Decides To Increase Iraq’s Share Of The Dollar

Economy | 11/14/2023   Baghdad – Mawazine News  The US Federal Bank decided to increase Iraq’s share of the US dollar.   Sources said in an interview with Mawazine News, “The US Federal Reserve decided to increase Iraq’s share of the US dollar.”  She added, “This came after Iraqi-American discussions.”

What Is The Reason For The Fall In Dollar Prices? Is There A Trick?

Information/Private.. Today, Monday, the economic expert, Diaa Al-Mohsen, attributed the decline in the dollar exchange rates in local markets to the systematic attempt to withdraw the dollar from citizens, while he stressed that the decline is temporary and will not continue or come close to the official exchange rate.

Al-Mohsen said in an interview with “Al-Ma’louma” that “there are influential parties that directly control the price of the dollar in the local markets,” noting that “the recent measures and meetings will not lead to reducing the gap between the official and parallel prices.”

He continued, “The recent meetings that took place in the Emirates were marred by many problems and did not produce accurate results that work to find solutions to the crisis of the rise in dollar prices,” pointing out that “the banks of some countries will benefit from the process of bidding farewell to the Iraqi currency.”

He continued: “The recent actions of the Central Bank did not primarily seek the interest of the Iraqi economy,” adding that “the decline in dollar exchange rates in local markets is due to an attempt to withdraw the dollar from citizens.”

Member of the House of Representatives, Kazem Al-Touki, said in an interview with the Al-Ma’louma Agency, “The measures taken by the Central Bank did not stand up to the US Treasury’s decisions regarding the dollar, while he stressed that the sanctions that the US Treasury continues towards Iraq will not allow the stability of the dollar exchange rates in local markets.”  LINK

Al-Fateh: Black Money Moved To More Than 20 Countries Because Of America

Information / Baghdad..   The leader of the Al-Fatah Alliance, Raad Al-Tamimi, confirmed, on Tuesday, the transfer of smuggled corruption funds from Iraq to 20 countries allied with America.

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Al-Tamimi said in an interview with Al-Maalouma, “The level of corruption in Iraqi state institutions is great, but unprecedented rates were recorded in the Al-Kadhimi government, which was involved in more than 10 large files, according to investigations, which include a large waste of money.”

He added, “The stolen money, which is black money, moved to more than 20 countries in order to smuggle it and carry out what is known as money laundering,” pointing out that “the level of cooperation of countries, some of which are Arab, is very limited, in addition to the fact that the file includes great complications in tracking the money.” He pointed out that “

Washington It is the biggest sponsor of corruption in Iraq, especially since it did not do anything to reveal where hundreds of billions of dollars of the Iraqi people’s money went before and after 2003, even though it has sensors in all international banks that enable it to determine the direction of money in a flexible manner. LINK

The Iraqi Dinar Recovers Against The US Dollar In Baghdad.. 158 Thousand For Every 100 Dollars

Economy |Today, 12:18   Baghdad today – Baghdad  Today, Tuesday (November 14, 2023), the dollar exchange rates witnessed a noticeable decline in exchange shops in the capital, Baghdad.

The “Baghdad Today” correspondent said, “The selling price of the dollar in exchange offices in Baghdad today reached 158,000 thousand dinars for every 100 dollars.”

He added, “The purchase price amounted to 156,000 dinars for every 100 dollars.”   LINK

Muhammad Al-Najjar: The Digital Transformation Fund Attracts The Cash Pile

Economical  11/13/2023   Baghdad: Hussein Thaghb Al-Tamimi,  Executive Director of the Iraq Fund for Development, Muhammad Al-Najjar, said that the most important goals of the Digital Transformation Fund are focused on improving the reality of performance, and for Iraq to transform into a better stage and for us to be a country that improves its presence within the global neighbourhood, as we are lagging behind on the list of countries in the world at this time.

He said: In an interview with “Al-Sabah”: The Digital Transformation Fund is one of 6 funds that make up the Iraq Fund for Development. This fund was formed with the aim of creating a platform for real cooperation between the government and the local and global private sector to enter into strategic projects that help Iraq diversify sources of financial income.

Al-Najjar pointed out that the Digital Transformation Fund has several tasks that have a positive impact on the national economy, the most important of which is developing Iraqi human capital, as Iraq has become an importer of expertise after it was a source of it, and the country now lacks a lot of expertise due to immigration and previous policies that were adopted for decades and caused a loss. A lot of experience, pointing out that the Fund is working to return Iraqi immigrant experiences and employ them in a way that benefits Iraq.

Al-Najjar pointed out that the Digital Transformation Fund is diligently seeking to attract the cash mass hoarded in the private sector and provide paths for it to enter into large projects inside Iraq, and this is very important because there are large amounts of hoarded money that do not provide any service to the national economy, at a time when we find that their entry into the labor market will change…

From the reality of the market, it creates a movement that benefits the national economy and brings great benefit to capital owners through the capital cycle that will take place within a local framework that enhances its value within the country.

He stated that the other goal of the Digital Transformation Fund is to create an ideal and promising business environment that attracts important investments to the country, especially since the Iraqi market is large and possesses the elements of success that are almost unique to countries in the world.

In turn, economic expert Zuhair Sabri Boutros stressed that the availability of the will to create national expertise in various specializations represents the most important pillar in achieving the goals for this topic, which is considered the most important in the process of sustainable economic development, which requires human resources with high expertise capable of mastering advanced technology.

Boutros pointed out that qualified national expertise is the basis for development, reconstruction, and mastery of global developments, and this matter requires a serious approach to training, qualification, and communication with advanced centers around the world with the aim of creating national expertise in various specializations.

He stressed that creating local national expertise provides major financial revenues allocated to foreign expertise that the country uses to complete business in more than one economic sector within the country, noting that Iraq has smart human resources, and this facilitates the task of creating national expertise with global efficiency.

He pointed out the possibility of benefiting from Iraqi expertise that has accumulated experience, especially from those who worked in field sites, especially in the building and construction sector, where there is a need for a large volume of work in all sectors without exception.

The Dollar Continues To Fluctuate Against The Dinar, Leaving A Deficit In Buying And Selling

Special Sumerian  2023-11-14 | Source:   Alsumaria News  51 views  The exchange rate in local markets continues to fluctuate up and down, leaving a large deficit in buying and selling.

Fluctuation in the exchange rate in local markets, fluctuation that left a large deficit in buying and selling, markets without shoppers, merchants whose goods were piled up, citizens confirmed that the Iraqi dinar lost its battle against the dollar because of the policies of the central bank, as they put it.

Is there a realistic solution to overcome this economic crisis?

Details with Ahmed Mahdi in the report above.   LINK

Economist: There Are No Changes In The Government Program, And The Official Dollar Rate Will Continue For 3 Years

Time: 2023/11/13 Read: 1,118 times     {Economic: Al-Furat News} Economist Bassem Jamil Antoine believes that the official exchange rates for the dollar will continue for three years.

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Antoine told {Al-Furat News} that: “The official exchange rates for the dollar are stable now, and once the budget allocations are released, the unofficial rates will be affected by the parallel rate of the dollar.”

He added, “The official prices will continue for three years, in order to be consistent with the tripartite budget and the established government program.”

Antoine continued, “There are no changes in the government program and implementation is continuing,” expecting that “the parallel price may decrease due to the unjustified rise in speculation in the local market with the dialogue countries, which play a negative role in exporting its products against the dollar.”   From: Raghad Dahham   LINK 

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