Iraqi News Highlights and Points to Ponder Wednesday AM 1-3-24


Iraqi News Highlights and Points to Ponder Wednesday AM 1-3-24

The Dollar Continues To Submit To The Iraqi Dinar.. The Exchange Gap Is Shrinking And The Federal Government Is Defeated Again

Information/Private..   After the stifling crisis that embarrassed the government in light of the high numbers reached by the dollar exchange rates compared to the official price, some attribute the reasons for the recovery of the dinar to the success of the Central Bank’s procedures and its recent steps in providing the currency of some countries to finance the country’s foreign trade.

On the other hand, the decline of the dollar is due to the government’s ability to contain the Federal Reserve’s decisions that contributed to the rise in the exchange rate in the previous period, amid expectations that the decline will continue after the Central Bank translates the recent decisions and measures into reality.

*The results of the procedures

Speaking about this file, a member of the House of Representatives, Suhaila Al-Sultani, explained the reasons for the decline in the dollar exchange rates after months of rise, while she confirmed that the results of the successful measures and decisions taken by the government and the Central Bank began to be translated into reality.  

Al-Sultani said in an interview with the Maalouma Agency, “The dollar exchange rates will witness a significant decline in local markets compared to the rise that parallel prices reached in the previous period,” noting that “the government’s continued taking the right steps in this file will reduce the gap between the official and parallel rates soon.” “. 

He continues, “The campaign of arrests and prosecution of currency speculators had an effective role in keeping the Iraqi dinar from collapsing,” adding that “the Central Bank’s decisions work to match the parallel and official dollar exchange rates.”   

The member of the House of Representatives added: “Controlling the dollar file, in light of the major violations in this file, will not be instantaneous and will need a period of time in order to impose it on the local markets,” pointing out that “the results of the successful measures and decisions taken by the central bank government have begun to be translated on the ground.” reality”. 

* Trade financing:

For his part, the economic expert, Abdul Rahman Al-Mashhadani, confirms that the central bank’s agreements with some countries to finance foreign trade in the local currency contributed to the decline in the dollar exchange rates, suggesting that the exchange rates will reach 145 thousand compared to 100 US dollars. 

Al-Mashhadani said, in an interview with the Maalouma Agency, that “the agreement with the banks of the Emirates, Turkey, India, and China to finance Iraq’s foreign trade is a step in the right direction,” noting that “proceeding with these measures will reduce the gap between the official and the parallel.” 

He continues, “The measures taken by the government were practical, but the shock of the US Federal Reserve’s punishment of banks prevented prices from falling in the previous period,” pointing out that “the US sanctions were a painful blow to the local markets.” 

He added, “One of the factors why the dollar exchange rates did not decline in the previous period was the intervention of the external factor in the dollar issue,” adding that “the central bank’s agreements with some countries to finance trade in the local currency contributed to the decline in the dollar exchange rates.”

The dollar exchange rates in local markets witnessed a significant decline after months of rise, which created severe economic repercussions for citizens, after the exchange rates at one time reached 169 thousand for every 100 dollars. Ended 25/day  LINK

wciappetta:   You have to wonder why all the fuss of containing the “market rate” bringing it in line with the CBI official rate? In the past the CBI has been able to maintain the 2% margin or at least close to it. I think the goal today is to achieve this standard again thus proving the ability of the CBI to effectively manage the Iraqi economy according to international standards before they move to the next step, or you would have to question why the extreme effort?

AML/CFT is being employed and this did create a strain on commerce as vendors became acquainted with the electronic system to process commerce and this did upset the balance in dollar access. The CBI employing its new strategy has created the expectation that the market rate for dollars is quickly falling in line with the official exchange rate.

This effort has been spearheaded by the CBI in conjunction with the Fed/US treasury by allowing other foreign currencies into the mix for trade [as was apparently done prior to 1990] in order to reduce dollar demand. I think the 2% target is desired. I think the US is requiring this target in order to move forward. My conclusion for better or worse is based on what the reports declare. In any case and IMO it won’t be long to reach the goal.

“Dollar Traps” Are Coming To An End. Parliament Reveals Those Involved In The Fluctuation Of The Parallel Market – Urgent

Baghdad Today – Baghdad   Today, Wednesday (January 3, 2024), the Parliamentary Economy Committee revealed those involved in the fluctuation of the parallel market in Iraq, while indicating that the “dollar traps” are coming to an end.

A member of the committee, MP Yasser Al-Husseini, told “Baghdad Today”, “We are closely following the file of the fluctuation of the parallel market in Iraq, especially after moving to the electronic platform prepared by the Central Bank to regulate dollar liquidity and prevent smuggling, but on the other hand, there are those who have been reconciled to beating with any organization because it loses its ability to smuggle and manipulate, which drives it to try to confuse the markets by various means.”

He added, “Despite the fluctuation in prices, the coming days will bring greater reassurance to traders and all dealers in the capital market in terms of the stability of the exchange rate at good levels, especially with the control measures of the Central Bank, which we hope will increase in its axes.”

Al-Husseini referred to what he called dollar traps – in reference to the attempt by some to manipulate exchange rates in the parallel market – is nearing completion, pointing out that “there are corrupt people who live on the chaos of the market in addition to the trade of contraband, including drugs, which are also a competitor in the parallel market,” stressing that “the measures of the Central Bank will combat the most important liquidity threads for them.”

He continued, “The stability of the dollar exchange rate will push to reduce prices in the markets and this needs some time, pointing out that, the government’s entry into the file of securing materials in the markets will push to a wave of greater decline in the coming period.

Since the announcement of raising the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar by the Central Bank, the local markets are witnessing trading other than the official rate of the dollar with a difference of sometimes up to 30 points, which necessitated the intervention of the government and the Central Bank with measures to reduce this phenomenon, but to no avail so far, as the exchange rate of the dollar remained high to more than 150 thousand dinars per 100 dollars in the markets and banks of Baghdad and the provinces.

“Dollar traps” are coming to an end. Parliament reveals those involved in the fluctuation of the parallel market – Urgent » Baghdad News Agency Today (

Wciappetta:  I wonder if the effort to bring to heel the market rate stalls, will this force the CBI to make the next exchange rate adjustment to near 1000 as a dual effort; one to get ready for lower denomination introduction and two, to further prime the monetary pump in its effort to stabilize the market rate? Perhaps not their first thought but it’s in the tool box.

Iran: Iraqi Restrictions On Controlling The Dollar Do Not Mean The End Of Trade Exchanges Between The Two Countries

Economy  01-03-2024 1,122 views   Al-Sumaria News – Economy  Member of the Iranian-Iraqi Chamber of Commerce, Hamid Hosseini, confirmed that the Iraqi Central Bank’s law to control the dollar and the announced restrictions do not mean the end of trade exchanges between the two countries or create problems in trade.

Hosseini said, in an interview with Tasnim News Agency, in reference to the recent measures of the Central Bank of Iraq   to deal with foreign currencies: The restrictions imposed after the adoption of this law were in no way a new or unprecedented event in the face of Iranian-Iraqi trade, as they existed from Before in many ways.

He added: Naturally, this law made it difficult to exchange dollars in the markets of this country, which will naturally affect the process of commercial and international exchanges. These restrictions are very similar to the laws on buying and selling currencies in Iran and cannot be considered a complete ban on currency exchange.

A member of the Iranian-Iraqi Chamber of Commerce pointed to the consequences of applying this law on the foreign exchange process for Iranian merchants and businessmen in Iraq. He said: Nothing new will happen after this law, especially in a country like Iraq, where such issues can be easily resolved.

Of course, perhaps export and import expenditures will rise slightly for a short period of time and the business process will face some risks, but it is unlikely that there will be a major problem in trade exchanges.

Referring to the political developments and events in the region and their impact on similar restrictions, this economic activist added: Such issues are generally related to political situations, relations and regional tensions, especially since Iraq is always under pressure from the United States  and is forced to surrender to the demands of the United States  often.

Hosseini expressed his hope that the positive trend of foreign exchange and trade between Iran and Iraq would continue, and he said: In Iraq, many people still do not want to transfer, buy and sell dollars through financial and banking networks or letters of credit and the like, and Iraqi exchange offices are still the main agent. To exchange currencies in this country.

He continued: Given the circumstances that Iraq is going through, there has always been a way to buy and sell currencies in this country, and Iran can continue its trade exchanges with this country in different ways. There is no doubt that despite the adoption of the new law in this country, the window is open for foreign exchange between Iran and Iraq, and the export process must continue in this way.

He believed that Iranian businessmen and merchants should not worry too much about the consequences of the new Central Bank of Iraq  law, because other countries such as Russia, Syria, Venezuela, and others also face similar problems, but they were able to solve them.

In conclusion, Hosseini stressed that the Iranian government and the Central Bank are taking effective steps in this regard by providing more support and solutions for export operations and currency exchange with Iraq.  LINK

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