Iraqi PM approves Iraq’s first Gas Platform

Iraqi PM approves Iraq's first Gas Platform

The committee tasked with creating a permanent platform for gas imports at the sizable Al-Faw Port has given its approval to Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani.

In terms of national oil, gas, and related infrastructure, this platform is the first of its type.

The prime minister presided over a meeting on Wednesday, and the main topic of discussion was keeping an eye on the processes involved in setting up and running the fixed platform for gas imports. The Cabinet has adopted this platform in order to overcome the deficit in power plant operations and guarantee the continuous supply of gas from various sources.

The Prime Minister, Al-Sudani, underlined that the substantial advancement in finishing the massive Al-Faw Port project—which is almost ready to begin operations on its docks—was essential to the beginning of this crucial project. This initiative is in line with government attempts to resolve issues with gas supply, remove barriers associated with gas imports, and switch over to using only gas generated on national fields.

One of the authorized proposals was to assign the technical and commercial components to an established international consulting firm. Furthermore, invitations were sent out to create a permanent platform at the sizable Al-Faw Port for the import of liquefied gas, together with all the equipment required for this project, and link it to the national pipeline network.