Iraqi PM encourages Armenian Investment

Iraqi PM encourages Armenian Investment

Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani, the prime minister of Iraq, and Vahagn Khachaturyan, the president of Armenia, met on Tuesday. Al-Sudani highlighted several important investment opportunities, particularly in the development of infrastructure like the Grand Faw Port and the Development Road project, along with related projects.

Al-Sudani suggested creating a joint forum for businesspeople from both nations, emphasizing the need to sign a memorandum to prevent double taxation, develop an air link between Iraq and Armenia, and make it easier to issue visas in order to promote travel between the two countries.

Additionally, he conveyed Iraq’s desire to work with Armenia in the fields of energy, IT, and e-governance.

Al-Sudani took delight in the fact that Iraqi individuals of Armenian heritage had contributed significantly to the social, cultural, medical, and scientific domains, therefore enriching the variety of Iraqi society.

President Khachaturyan thanked everyone for their kind welcome and reaffirmed that his nation sincerely wants to improve ties with Iraq. He stated that the purpose of his visit, which was accompanied by businesspeople and an official group, was to investigate potential commercial prospects and deepen the two countries’ economic cooperation.

The president of Armenia highlighted the shared experiences between the two nations during the meeting, mentioning Iraq’s prior assistance to Armenians during the genocide. He said that Armenia is willing to work with Iraq in fields including banking, clean, renewable energy, and information technology.