Iraqi PM welcomes British investment, meets UK Foreign Minister

Iraqi PM welcomes British investment, meets UK Foreign Minister

On the fringes of the Munich Security Conference in Germany on Friday, British Foreign Minister David Cameron had a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani.

The two sides talked on a range of topics, including bolstering bilateral ties between Iraq and the UK in many fields, according to Al-Sudani’s media office.

Al-Sudani said that Iraq is welcome international investment and invited British businesses to “seize opportunities.”

The Prime Minister made clear that the goal of the Iraqi government is to work with the US-led Coalition to manage the withdrawal of its forces from Iraq and the shift to bilateral ties with coalition nations.

Speaking on the Gaza crisis, Al-Sudani emphasized the “critical role major powers must play in ending the ongoing conflict,” preventing consequences for regional and international security, and guaranteeing civilian safety.

He stressed the need for immediate humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people affected by Israeli violence.

Cameron, for his part, stated that the UK wished to deepen its relationship with Baghdad and cultivate a variety of alliances, especially in the fields of development and commerce.