Iraqi, US firms sign agreements to develop Bin Omar gas field

Iraqi, US firms sign agreements to develop Bin Omar gas field

Nine agreements were signed by Raban Al-Safina Group of Companies and seven US businesses to develop the Bin Omar gas field in the Basra governorate in the south of Iraq.

According to Asharq Business News, Ahmed Al-Mohsen, Raban Al-Safina’s Business Development Manager for Oil and Energy Projects, said that agreements were signed with KBR, Honeywell, Baker Hughes, Emerson, and General Electric (GE).

The arrangements incorporate high-proficiency energy creation arrangements as well as designing plan, essential hardware readiness, and innovation arrangement for gaseous petrol handling.

In November of last year, the Iraqi cabinet approved a plan to develop the Nahr Bin Omar.

As the Iraqi government is effectively trying to draw in speculations to foster the flammable gas area in the country, it puts petroleum gas among the main concerns of the public authority plan.

One of the strategically important fields in southern Iraq is the Nahr Bin Omar oil and gas field. The venture will deal with in excess of 300 million standard cubic feet of gas every day, assisting with satisfying energy requests and advance natural supportability.

The undertaking will likewise add to diminishing fossil fuel byproducts by in excess of 8 million tons yearly.

The task incorporates the development of working offices to gather and pack the related gas delivered in the Nahr Canister Omar field, focal gas handling offices, associating pipelines, and marine commodity offices to send out oil items to worldwide business sectors.