Iraq’s Customs starts using ASYCUDA automation system in Umm Qasr

Iraq’s Customs starts using ASYCUDA automation system in Umm Qasr

On Sunday, the Iraqi General Commission for Customs began implementing the ASYCUDA automation system at the Port of Umm Qasr in southern Iraq.

Iraq’s Customs stated in a statement that the Minister of Finance, Taif Sami, ordered to start utilizing the automated system during a ceremony conducted in the Grand Welcome Yard (GWY), located within Umm Qasr Port, attended by the United Nations representative, Nizar Amari, and other Iraqi authorities.

During the event, Sami highlighted that the government’s strategic goal for utilizing current technology involves the usage of automation systems. This strategy seeks to deliver correct data and information, establish financial discipline, decrease mistakes, and maximize the utilization of government resources.

The Minister burst in wrath against those who oppose the implementation of the automated system, saying that customs personnel form gangs and would be held accountable. In addition, an investigation into the reason of the internet outage to shut down the system will be undertaken.

The Iraqi General Commission for Customs employs this automated technology at Baghdad International Airport.

ASYCUDA is a customs management system that uses information and communications technology (ICT) to modernize customs clearance operations in middle-class and emerging nations.

The automation system simplifies and computerizes procedures. ASYCUDA has a substantial impact on electronic business and government activities, simplifying and cutting the cost of international commerce while improving access to international markets for developing-country firms.