Is Iraq a sovereign state?

Is Iraq a sovereign state?

Iraqis immediately think of the current state of affairs in their nation following the overthrow of the despot and the election of administrations that were unable to take power—being sovereign means that no outside force dares to attack Iraq within its internationally recognized boundaries or to meddle in the country’s decision-making process. Land, air, and sea sovereignty belong to Iraq, whether in matters domestic or abroad. Indeed, and regrettably, not all of them are offered in Iraq. Anytime they want, Iran and Turkey bomb the northern part of Iraq. Iraq. The sea and land boundaries are now being manipulated by this unfriendly neighborThe Mossad is having a ball with the loosening of the Iraqi north. Zionists, since airplanes arrive and depart from their airports without the government’s awareness. Despite the government’s will, which is unable to both expel the American ambassador and bar them from the Republican Palace, a symbol of sovereignty, Jordan welcomes terrorists and disbelievers in Iraq, and Iraq provides them with nearly free oil and trade agreements. However, a government that lacks the desire or the sovereignty is powerless to drive away foreign troops. What is worse is that American planes land, take off, and load in Iraq without the Iraqi government’s knowledge. Iraq cannot reconstruct its infrastructure without US approval. Except with US sanctions, Iraq does not have the authority to arm its army. Iraq is unable to back Palestine because of US disapproval.

The news reports on Iraq’s passport program, school system, security measures, satisfaction levels, and other related research.

Iraq cannot stop trading in dollars, which has caused market manipulation under the US Federal Bank’s direction, and the central bank cannot uphold its stated pricing. Iraq cannot enter a deal with Siemens Electrical Stations Company, and Adel Abdul Mahdi provides the most decisive proof. The United States protects ISIS cells on the western border and cannot be eliminated by Iraq. Even worse, they are unable to remove or alter some clauses that were drafted by the shady Bremer and included in the Iraqi constitution. The only way to create a government and choose a prime minister in Iraq is by agreement amongst the nations meddling in the country’s internal affairs, the foremost of which being America and Iran. As we have experienced, if they cannot agree, Iraq will continue to function without a government. The circumstance

However, was Iraq sovereign throughout the dictator’s reign? Starting with the Safwan tent and signing the articles of humiliation that subsumed Iraqi sovereignty under the White House government, the answer is a resounding nay. Iraq’s sovereignty was lost when it stopped the despot from meddling in the country’s north. The dictator lost Iraqi power when he gave Jordan hundreds of kilometers east of Al-Nadayim and Al-Taba’at. He betrayed sovereignty on the western border by granting Saudi Arabia a zone of neutrality, and he dishonored sovereignty by allowing inspection teams to search and interfere with everything in Iraq, even his bedroom. This is what is known about what is seen and exposed, while the more significant part is hidden.