Jordan to provide Iraq with 40 megawatts of electricity

Jordan to provide Iraq with 40 megawatts of electricity

The initial amendment to the sales agreement for electrical energy was signed by Jordan and Iraq on Sunday.

Iraq will get 132 kilovolts of electricity under the arrangement, which would meet around 40 megawatts of the country’s energy needs.

Amjad Rawashdeh, the director general of the National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) in Jordan, Riyad Oreibi, the director general of the General Company for Electric Power Transmission/Central Region in Iraq, and representatives from both countries attended a signing ceremony.

The director general of NEPCO highlighted how the agreement aligns with Jordan and Iraq’s shared goal of establishing electrical connectivity.

It is anticipated that the electrical link will enhance electrical energy exchange and maintain the stability of the electrical systems on both sides.

Rawashdeh said that the immediate priority will be finishing up banking procedures so that Iraq may get about 40 megawatts in the first phase. The preparations are in place for the second phase, which is scheduled for the third quarter of 2024.

Iraq should receive 150–200 megawatts of capacity when the second phase is completed. Additional connecting stages might increase the supply to 500 megawatts in the medium term.