KBR expresses Interest in Iraqi Petrochemical Project

KBR expresses Interest in Iraqi Petrochemical Project

During Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ al-Sudani’s visit to Texas, Jay Ibrahim, President of KBR’s Sustainable Technology Solutions division, met with him.

The meeting focused on partnerships with the Iraqi private sector in energy development, government efforts to reduce carbon emissions, and expanding cooperation in natural gas development, according to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office. “In this regard, productive and constructive discussions are underway,” it stated.

The Prime Minister reaffirmed the government’s commitment to fostering an environment that encourages investment firms to relocate to Iraq in order to advance the gas industry and invest in associated gas, both of which will support the economy and cut imports. He advised the business to continue working with the private sector in Iraq, which is now capable of forming partnerships with major specialized businesses.

Mr. Ibrahim expressed an interest in participating in the Nebras Petrochemical Project and working in the production of ammonia. He also demonstrated readiness for the company to develop the capabilities of Iraqi engineers and establish a center for engineering designs.