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Clare:  The Iraqi Parliament “ends” its legislative term with “pending” calls to hold emergency sessions


The Parliamentary Strategic Planning Committee revealed, on Monday, the end of the legislative term of the House of Representatives, while there are many requests to hold sessions regarding resolving many laws and decisions, indicating that the current year will not witness the holding of any parliamentary session.

This comes after a number of members of the House of Representatives called for emergency sessions to discuss the situation in Gaza on the one hand and to discuss closing the American embassy on the other hand.

The Vice Chairman of the Committee, Muhammad Al-Baldawi, told Shafaq News Agency, “The oversight role of the House of Representatives continues and has not stopped, and there is a presence of members of the House of Representatives in the parliamentary committees to follow up on the departments and ministries according to the work of the committees.”

 He stated that “the current legislative term of the House of Representatives will officially end on the 9th of this month, and the data indicate that it is not possible to hold any session due to the preoccupation of many members of the House in preparing for the governorate council elections,” stressing that “the current year will not witness the holding of any parliamentary session and will resume holding.” Sessions in the new legislative term at the beginning of next year.”    LINK


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Nader From The Mid East  Purchasing power…when you buy for $100 over here [U.S.], over there [In Iraq] cost you $200.  If it [dinar rate] goes to 1 to 1 if you buy it in America for $100, we’ll buy over here for $100 too.

Mnt Goat  Article:  “PARLIAMENTARY FINANCE: WE RENEW OUR SUPPORT FOR THE CENTRAL BANK’S MEASURES TO CONTROL THE EXCHANGE RATE”  Article quote:  “Al-Atwani denied “the news circulating that there is a tendency to dismiss the governor of the Central Bank.”  Nice to see that it was just more rumors…He is an intelligent, patriotic and most important wants the RV as much as we do.



Tishwash:  Deputy: 10 industrial cities will be built on the road for development

Representative Baqir Al-Saadi confirmed, on Monday, the possibility of creating 10 industrial cities on the Iraqi development path.

Al-Saadi said in an interview with Al-Maalouma, “Regional and international interactions with the Iraqi Development Road Project are continuing, and there is a real desire with several governments to have a presence in the investment dimensions, especially since all studies demonstrate the Effectiveness of the project, compared to other projects in the Eastern region.” The Middle East due to the low financial cost of transportation operations and the short period of time.

He added, “10 industrial cities could find their way on the path to development, and there are already efforts to identify candidate areas for industrial investments with all their addresses,” pointing out that “2024 will witness many positive developments in the stages of the project in terms of determining its paths and priorities.”

He pointed out that “the project will change the transportation map from South and East Asia to Europe through Iraq,” stressing that “the Sudanese government is serious about accelerating the pace of work on it in the coming months.”

The Sudanese government launched the development road project months ago as part of efforts to diversify sources of income for the national economy and invest in the country’s geographical location in creating new transportation paths.  link

Kitco NEWS With Guest George Gammon (PART 2): Global Financial Crisis 2.0



ALERT! 23 Years of TINY Increases in Silver Supply as Silver DEMAND has Exploded Higher!

(Bix Weir)  11-6-2023

It is shocking to think about…Silver Supply from both mining and scrap has BARELY increased in 23 years! In the year 2000 the Supply of Silver was 946M Ounces from all sources and in 2023 the forecast is for 1,025M ounces!

(And I think that’s way too optimistic with all the mine closures this year!) So with all the NEW industrial applications in solar, EV’s, Electronics and on and on…HOW CAN SILVER BE PRICED AT 1/2 OF IT’S ALL TIME HIGH FROM 1980 & 2011?!

 I think we all know the answer…PRICE RIGGING!:(