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Clare: The Prime Minister directs the opening of the celebration square to the movement of citizens


Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani directed, today, Saturday, that the celebration square be opened to citizens on the occasion of the new year.

Al-Sudani’s media office stated in a statement received by {Al-Furat News}, “Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani directed the concerned authorities to open the celebration square on the Karkh side of the city of Baghdad to the movement of citizens, and to keep the gates of the Green Zone open after midnight on New Year’s Eve.”

On Sunday-Monday of this week, on the occasion of the New Year.   LINK

Clare:  Federation of Chambers of Commerce: The electronic tax platform has become inevitable


The Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce confirmed today, Saturday, that adopting the electronic platform for paying taxes has become inevitable as part of government steps it described as “positive” to attract major merchants, companies and international brands to work in Iraq.

The president of the federation, Abdul Razzaq Al-Zuhairi, told the official media and its follow-up, Al-Ghad Press, that “access to the electronic platform for paying taxes has become inevitable and will be implemented within the time frame set by the General Tax Authority, but there is a major problem represented by small merchants who now represent the majority, as they are forced to go to the parallel market.

He added, “There has been an old fear for decades between the merchant and the government , ” noting that “a positive tax system has been launched, but we need to restore trust between the merchant and the government .”

He pointed out that “the majority of the Iraqi market is made up of small merchants, due to the circumstances that Iraq went through,” stressing that “the equation will change during the coming period, and large international companies and labels and large merchants will enter the Iraqi market, while small merchants will be shoppers .”

Al-Zuhairi continued, “Taxes created a kind of gap and problems for many Iraqis, including the loss of files, the similarity of names, taking deposits without refunding them, calculating the tax twice, and other problems .”

He explained that “the recent decision of Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani will change many of these problems, but the implementation needs to be strict , ” pointing out that “Iraq deals with white money with countries of the world, so the issue of the electronic platform is positive, and it is a global step .”

Earlier, the General Authority for Taxes announced the adoption of electronic payment in a binding manner in the payment of taxes, starting from January 1 of the new year 2024, and the start of implementing the self-assessment system for the first time in Iraq.   LINK


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Frank26  This is not an RV like a lot of silly people say.  This is a reinstatement.  It’s about the numbers of the reinstatement.  They are talking about the fils…It’s blowing my mind all the things they’re telling  you…We have landed on the shore of monetary reform.  IMO because they are telling you so much in such a concentrated amount of time it’s because they are in a hurry as January the 1st approaches us…

Mnt Goat   …we can see what is slowly happening is that Iraq is moving back to a normalcy of their financial system an international normalcy. It takes much more than just putting in place the banking reforms, the means and the mechanisms to do it as we have witnessed over the past years. But now they are actually doing it. It may be slow but remember they are still under the strong arm of the US Treasury on this matter too and are working very closely with them at their pace. In many ways this is good as we want the US to support this process when it comes time to give the “green light”. This is why so many visits by the US Treasury to Iraq.

Wish the best for Iqd

Nader:  12-30-2023


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