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Clare:  Iraqi Finance announces the distribution of retirees’ salaries for the month of January


Today, Wednesday, the Ministry of Finance/Accounting Department launched financing the salaries of civil and military retirees for the month of January 2024.

In a statement today, the Ministry directed the administrations of Al-Rafidain and Al-Rasheed Banks and the National Retirement Authority to expedite the completion of procedures for paying the salaries of civilian retirees via electronic payment cards.

In its statement, the Ministry also called on all civilian and military retirees who will receive text messages to visit bank branches and ATM outlets in Baghdad and the provinces to receive their salaries.   LINK

Clare:  An economist supports comprehensive banks: The era of specialization has ended

1/3/2024  Baghdad

 Today, Wednesday, the economic expert, Mahmoud Dagher, considered that the era of public banks has “ended” and only a little of it remains, while he expressed his support for comprehensive banks.

In an interview with Al-Iqtisad News, Dagher said, “The global banking system ended, not a short time ago, the existence of specialized banks and began the transition to the comprehensive bank that carries out full banking operations, using its deposits and capital to finance these operations.”

He added, “The era of public banks has also ended and very little of it remains in some countries, as all banks have turned into joint-stock companies with the same specialization exercising operations similar to other banks. Rather, the specialized ones have begun to aim to transform into banking operations such as localization and regular lending in order to be able to continue.” .

The economic expert explained, “The state has also increased its support for specialized banks and their capital, which does not ensure capital adequacy,” adding, “I support merging the banks in the hope that they will have a longer life to operate instead of delaying.”  LINK


Courtesy of Dinar Guru:  https://www.dinarguru.com/

Militia Man  The United States Treasury, the US Federal Reserve Bank, the Bank of International Settlements, World Trade Organization, the EU, many different entities have been working with Iraq to get her to go to an international standard.  The stage is set for Iraq to be international…Everybody should know that and it’s not just a simple Dinar Guru situation, it’s actually the largest financial entities in the world are the ones that are giving us this information.  I hope you take that to heart and pay attention to it.

Walkingstick  They didn’t print new coins.  The old coins they had are still good.  That might be one of the reasons why IMO they’re going to incorporate it along with the lower denoms at the same time…They have not manufactured any new coins.  The CBI is going to use the old coins.  Those coins are sitting in the CBI vault…You can throw away fiat.  You can throw away paper, the 3-zero notes, but it would be dumb to throw away precious medals.  It doesn’t have Saddam on it…Coins don’t.



Tishwash:  Parliamentarian: America controls international courts to pass their decisions

A member of the House of Representatives, Thaer Makhif, considered, on Wednesday, that the international courts and the UN Security Council are an American creation to pass Washington’s decisions, while he stressed that it is impossible to convict the United States of America in the case of the assassination of Al-Nasr leaders through them. 

In an interview with the Maalouma Agency, Makhif said, “The goal of this policy is to continue the abuse and condemnation of the Arab countries, while it turns a blind eye to the violations of Washington and the Zionist entity,” noting that “the American policy has drawn a hostile map to weaken Iraq to infinity.” 

He continued, “There are many decisions that Washington is pushing for in order to serve the Zionist entity and its goals inside the country,” pointing out that “weakening Iraq directly is tantamount to weakening all Arab countries.” 

He added, fearfully during his speech: “One of the dual decisions passed by the UN Security Council is to condemn Iraq for its war on Kuwait, and not to condemn America for the occupation of the country until now,” pointing out that “the international courts and the UN Security Council are an American creation to pass Washington’s decisions that serve their own interests.” 

The UN Security Council continues not to condemn Washington for its violations and the continued systematic bombing against security forces and civilians, in addition to not condemning it for the bombing of Al-Nasr leaders, despite the presence of much evidence and admission by its former president of carrying out the operation. link

Credit Crisis Gets Even Worse As 50 Million People Stop Paying Creditors

Atlantis Report:  1-3-2024

Despite official narratives of an economic recovery, the day-to-day reality for many Americans is characterized by mounting financial stress and an increasing inability to meet financial obligations. The credit crisis gripping the United States has reached a distressing milestone, with a staggering 50 million individuals now defaulting on loan payments, as the credit crisis gets even worse.


The Most Valuable Investment in 2024 – Robert Kiyosaki

Roberty Kiyosaki:  1-3-2024

Robert Kiyosaki, alongside experts from the precious metals industry, including Andy Schectman, Dana Samuelson, Jim Clark, and Charles Goyette, delve into the significance of gold and silver as investment options. They discuss the historical context of the US dollar and explore how global economic shifts could influence personal wealth. The guests share their knowledge and personal experiences, emphasizing the role of precious metals in safeguarding assets.