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Clare:  Next Monday… Sudanese will undertake a regional tour, starting in Tehran and followed by Gulf capitals


An informed source said on Sunday that Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani was on a regional tour that included several countries.

The source told Shafaq News Agency: Tomorrow, Monday, Sudanese will conduct a regional tour starting in Tehran and Gulf capitals to discuss developments in events in Gaza. 

Yesterday, Saturday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani stressed that the Iraqi state is responsible for making major decisions based on the interest of the people, in an apparent allusion to the unofficial internal positions and reactions issued regarding the ongoing war between Israel and the Palestinian armed factions. In the Gaza Strip.   LINK



 Advisor to the Prime Minister: Launching the (Visa Direct) service will contribute to reducing the exchange rate

11/3/2023  Baghdad – INA – Hassan Al-Fawaz

Advisor to the Prime Minister, Fadi Al-Shammari, today, Friday, considered the launch of the (Visa Direct) service for transferring money abroad a successful step that will facilitate the work of small merchants, stressing that it will contribute to reducing the exchange rate in the parallel market, and its procedures take only 5 minutes.

Al-Shammari told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The launch of banking work during the era of the current government is taking place with a new vision and modern mechanisms, and First Bank of Iraq is the first bank to launch the direct financial transfer service digitally through the (Visa Direct) service.”

He added, “This development is a major achievement that is linked in one way or another with the strategic vision held by the government and launched by the Prime Minister in financial, banking and economic management, and is also consistent with the new directions of the Central Bank in the process of re-evaluating, restructuring, organizing and maturing the banking work in Iraq, and we are now witnessing the start of “It will have a significant impact on the commercial and banking reality in Iraq.”

He continued, “We hope that citizens will interact with this banking service, which will contribute to cutting off speculators in the black market, and the Visa Direct service will include many small merchants and will help them access a clear, explicit, official, and legal platform to transfer money abroad easily and conveniently, from account to account, at the official exchange rate.”

He pointed out that “this service will contribute to a decrease in the exchange rate in the parallel market within the framework of ongoing government work to regulate banking work.”
Earlier, the Central Bank of Iraq announced the launch of the “Visa Direct” service to facilitate financial transfers, in coordination with the international company “Visa” and cooperation with the First Bank of Iraq. 

The bank confirmed that the “Visa Direct” service is for direct financial transfer to the bank’s customers in Iraq, and it was launched digitally for the first time through a special application, and every customer in the First Iraq Bank (FIB) can transfer five million dinars daily, and 13 million dinars monthly, which will be calculated at a price. Official exchange.

Central Bank Governor Ali Al-Alaq said during his speech at the service launch conference: “The Visa Direct tool came at the right time to facilitate transfer operations, especially simple transfers at the citizen level.” 

He stated, “This tool facilitates the demand for foreign currencies, and we are trying to expand access to these currencies in easy ways,” stressing, “The issue of foreign transfers, selling the dollar, and the exchange rate are fundamentally linked to employing as many electronic tools as possible.”   LIN


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Frank26   Question:  “Are the new small category notes the next thing Iraq needs to move the reinstatement forward?”  No, the exchange rate IMO.  Although it would be nice to have them both come out together.

Militia Man  Back at the U.N. assembly they talked about the fact that Iraq was going to be bringing confidence to banks like JP Morgan and they effectively fix the financial system of the world.  Iraq is going to be one of those countries that’s going to help do that and I’m looking forward to it and I hope you guys are too…

These African Countries Are ABANDONING The Dollar For BRICS

TR Media:  11-4-2023

Countries across the world join forces to form blocs to increase their trade with each other and explore new markets.

Africa is no exception to this trend. In this video, we will talk about a popular bloc that has brought economic benefits to its member countries.

 Have you ever heard of BRICS?


TAX AUDITS TO RISE: Americans Earning Under $400,000 May See Increase In Audit Rates

Lena Petrova:   11-5-2023