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 Sudanese Advisor: The Battle For The Dollar Is Almost Over


The media advisor to the Prime Minister, Hisham Al-Rikabi, confirmed today, Friday, that the dollar battle is nearing its end.

Al-Rikabi said in a post on the “X” platform, followed by Earth News: “The reform plans for the financial and banking system undertaken by the government and the Central Bank of Iraq aim to build strong foundations for the stability of the economy and pave the way for creating a suitable climate for investment, and end the eras of illegal trade, dollar smuggling, and speculative operations in market”.

He added, “In short, the battle for the dollar is nearing its end.”    LINK


Clare:  A Sudanese advisor reveals the goal of the reform plans for the financial and banking system


Today, Friday (November 24, 2023), the media advisor to the Prime Minister, Hisham Al-Rikabi, revealed the goal of the reform plans for the financial and banking system undertaken by the government and the Central Bank of Iraq.

Al-Rikabi said in a tweet on the (X) platform that the plans aim to “build strong foundations for economic stability and pave the way for creating a suitable for climate investment.”

On the 14th of this month, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani directed the directors of all government banks to prepare a plan to be presented within one month, to develop the work of banks that includes the optimal use of financial, human and technical resources , moving from paper work to automated work, electronic dealing with all banking activities and expanding… Electronic payment services, developing a comprehensive vision for banks in granting credit facilities and loans, and developing work mechanisms, including control and oversight tools.

Al-Sudani confirmed during a meeting that included the Minister of Finance, the Governor of the Central Bank, and directors of government banks that “bank directors will be subject to a performance evaluation in light of their implementation of the plan and the amount of achievement “

He stressed that “the real reform that the government was keen to achieve is based on banking reform, and it is determined to take bold decisions in order to implement this reform in a way that contributes to improving the investment environment and developing the work of the public and private sectors.”    LINK


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Militia Man  There’s things happening as we speak – one thing after another.  I can’t imagine anybody being discouraged at this time because of the nature of what’s happening.

 Pimpy  I started thinking about something.  Right now Iraq is mostly importing.  This is a time when a country would want to increase their exchange rate.  This gives them more purchasing power.  But that’s not what is happening over there in IraqI was wondering why don’t they just increase the exchange rate This would give them more purchasing power and would help them as far as dealing with the deficit because if your exchange rate if higher then you have more purchasing power...Increase in the value of the Iraqi dinar means the imports that they pay for would be cheaper because they would have purchasing power…

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We’re About To See The Stock Market Completely Explode

Atlantis Report:  111-26-2023

In a sudden twist, a whopping 99.8% of analysts now agree that there won’t be a rate hike at the last Fed meeting of the year.

 Just weeks ago, everyone was dead certain we were in for one. Only 0.2% of analysts believe rates won’t come down next year. However the sudden shift is dramatic – now, everyone’s anticipating an average of about four rate decreases next year.

 In a recent about-face, 10% of Wall Street pundits believed interest rates would hit 5.25% at next year’s end. Now, just one day later, that number plummeted to 2%. And wait for it – a bunch more of these financial experts now predict interest rates dropping below 4%. It’s a complete turnaround, and the financial forecast just got a whole lot more unpredictable.