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Clare:  With the closure…the dollar price decreased


The main stock exchange in the capital, Baghdad, closed today, Saturday, due to the decline in the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar.

Selling prices in money exchange shops in local markets in Baghdad reached 153,250 Iraqi dinars for 100 dollars, while purchasing prices reached 151,250 dinars for 100 dollars.  LINK

Sir_ShawnIMO- CBI official rate 1310
1 USD ~ 1310 IQD = 0.000763
Drop the three zeros 
1USD ~ IQD 0.763 = 1.310 
Anyone for a mic  drop…
Question is when….

Paulette:  IMO……I don’t believe .76 USD for one IQD (1.31 IQD/1USD) would be adequate for the Iraqis to want to abandon the more valuable USD……The MOP/MOI study all the way back in 2009 stated 1.14-1.18USD to 1 IQD to start for 3 years prior to reinstating the true value of 3.22USD per 1 IQD

Sir_Shawn:  Well in my opinion, you are right, so this brings up the basket of currencies and the float. The Dinar will correct itself probably instantaneous. The question is the second set of books where I believe they were using the 1.31 per Dinar. We know that all those buildings and cities were not built on 1310 Dinars. But still we wait…  IMO

Paulette:  IMO……the basket of currencies is what they intend to peg to instead of just pegging to one currency – the USD.  At least this is what the CBI and the GOI has stated in the past.  If they are pegged to just one currency, if the value (purchasing power) of that currency drops significantly, so does the value (purchasing power) of the IQD.  

If they are pegged to a basket a currencies, if one drops the others keep the IQD “propped up”.  This is extremely important to Iraq as they are predominantly an import country.  This is precisely what they stated years ago and those articles are probably somewhere within the pages of the Final Article thread.  Bottom line, the pegging to a basket is to maintain the purchasing power and stability of the currency and not a singular event to increase the IQD purchasing power.

The issue I still see is in order to peg to a basket of currencies, they would “officially” have to depeg from the USD.  While I have yet to see the US relinquish their receivership status over Iraq and the fact that the US is desperate to try to keep the USD propped up, I am unsure the actual mechanism of how they will be allowed to depeg and then repeg.  It seems like receivership would need lifted first for that kind of move.

The buildings and cities were built on the USD value predominantly from oil sales.  The number of IQD to the USD value seems irrelevant.  Look at Vietnam and all they have accomplished with a currency value of less than a tenth that of the IQD.  The big difference is Vietnam expanded their currency supply and Iraq has not.  Iraq clearly has full intent to RI their currency and change their currency structure to rid itself of the 3 zeros.  These articles are definitely contained in the FA thread.

If they are truly heading to a simple 3 decimal space move on their exchange rate and as you said they are heading to 1.31USD to 1 IQD, they would have to make another move first to 763.4 from 1310.  Frank has said they had planned on one more move.  As of now, a simple decimal move of 3 places would mean 1310 IQD to 1 USD would become 1.310 IQD to 1 USD or 76 cents per IQD



An economic expert calls for using a basket of currencies to evaluate the Iraqi dinar


 Economic affairs expert, Raad Tawij, called today, Wednesday, for the use of a basket of currencies, whether the euro, the Chinese yuan, or the UAE dirham, in valuing the Iraqi dinar in a way that competes with its valuation in the dollar.

Tawij said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency ( NINA ): “As a result of the high competitiveness of the Iraqi economy in the field of monetary and commodity use in its trade exchange with other countries, and as a result of its use of the dollar at a rate of 95% within the framework of the Iraqi electronic platform and for the most diverse monetary exchange and to prevent the monopoly of a country’s currency.”

One on the platform, so a basket of currencies, whether the euro, the Chinese yuan, or the UAE dirham, must be used to value the Iraqi dinar in a way that competes with its value in the dollar.”

He stressed, “Allowing users of this basket of currencies to use the electronic platform will contribute to creating monetary balance and addressing any deficit in other currencies.” LINK


Clare:  For the first time…the assets of Iraqi banks record an unprecedented number

1/18/2023    Baghdad

Today, Thursday (January 18, 2024), an economic expert revealed an “unprecedented” rise in assets in Iraqi banks operating in the country.

Manar Al-Obaidi said in a statement received by “Baghdad Today” that “the volume of assets of Iraqi banks operating in Iraq amounted to more than 202 trillion dinars, which is the first time that it has exceeded the barrier of 200 trillion dinars.”

He added, “The value of banks’ assets increased by 8% compared to the same period of the previous year.”

Al-Obaidi pointed out that “the size of banks’ assets to the Iraqi GDP is around 52%, and despite this high percentage, it is still lagging behind compared to the Middle East region, where the size of banks’ assets to the GDP reached around 80%.”

He continued, “Government banks are still in control of the total assets of the banking sector, at a rate of about 85% of the total assets of banks, and despite the rise in the assets of the private banking sector, it still does not constitute more than 15% of the total assets of banks operating in Iraq.”   LINK


Frank26:  “SUDANI, MAY I ASK AT WHAT RATE?”…………..F26

Clare:  Minister: Baghdad International Fair achieved many partnership contracts with Iraqi and international sectors


The Minister of Commerce, Atheer Al-Ghurairi, announced on Saturday the conclusion of the activities of the 47th Baghdad International Fair after achieving “a great success” amid a huge official and public outpouring, whose activities began on the 10th until the 19th of this month of January.

In a statement today, the Minister stressed that “the course’s activities were distinguished compared to previous sessions in terms of organization, qualification, diversity and size of participation by countries and companies, as well as the achievement of many partnership contracts between Iraqi sectors and sectors of countries and companies participating in the international session.”

He pointed out that “the Baghdad International Fair is a message to the world that Iraq is coming strong as an important economic player capable of containing the largest international gatherings and interacting with them in a way that serves the aspirations of our people for a free and dignified life. In addition, the exhibition was a message from the participating countries of their desire to extend bridges of cooperation.” With Iraq.”

For his part, the company’s general manager, Mustafa Al-Ani, confirmed, “The conclusion of the activities of the Baghdad International Fair, bidding farewell to another year in its pioneering journey that accompanied its launch in the sixties of the last century.”

He said, “This session was distinguished by the participation of 22 countries and 850 local, Arab, and international companies, which is the highest participation compared to the sessions.” Previously, the participation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was the largest.

He added, “The conclusion of this session gives other aspects to the new Iraq in its economic developments, which could give it the opportunity to enter international investments, as the exhibition witnessed commercial displays of various international and local commodities and merchandise, in addition to the projects and achievements of local and international companies from various sectors, as well as projects related to infrastructure.” agricultural, industrial, technological and other sectors.”   LINK