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DeepWoodz:  imo.. thanks for the call Frank. Just a heads up… The listing USD/IQD = 2.81 would mean $1 = 2.81 dinar. Not the other way around. Even if this is true, definitely an improvement worthy of praise.  If you want to see the value of the dinar, simply list it the other direction. i.e….IQD/USD. Which equals .355.    1 dinar =0.35$


DeepWoodz:  Something else I’d like to mention since you’re talking. I’ve been using Google the same way for several years now. You can type usdiqd into the search and Google has what I assume is a public rate of around 1310. So I am used to typing it in without the forward slash. 

When I do that in forexlive, I get the 1310 there also. It is interesting that without the /, the Iraqi and American flags pop up beside the pair. With the /, nothing pops up with the pair but the rates are much different (better).   Like you said, something is going on, and I like it.     Imo

Moparman:  I have found two exchanges so far showing the wonky movement of the dinar: the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Chicago Board Options Exchange. The CBOE is explicitly for options contracts. Intercontinental Exchange is still showing the ‘official’ rate of 1310 (IQD:USD — the standard notation for ForEx pairing.)

The CBOE (USD/IQD) is showing USDIQD at 2.73 — this means 2.73 dollars equals 1 dinar. The TSX (IQD/USD) is showing the inverse of that, which means .366 of 1 dinar equals 1 dollar — .366 equals $2.73 per 1 dinar. They’re responding in real time in sync.

As an example, a 25,000 dinar note would be $59,250 at that current rate.

Just thought it might help to post. No, this isn’t the rate of the dinar currently — it’s futures options, which can run anywhere from 1 day up to 6 months — but it absolutely shows something is going on with the dinar skyrocketing.

Addendum (I forgot to mention this): USD/IQD means how many dollars equal a dinar. IQD/USD (notice the inverse, it’s flipped) means how many dinars equal a dollar. The 2.73 IS a dollar amount — the inverse is how you’d calculate the exchange rate ($1 divided by .366 — which is $2.73.) Someone was mentioning earlier that’s not a dollar amount, but the USD/IQD way IS a dollar amount.


Clare:  Dinar and dollar

March 4, 2024   Mohammed Rashid

Most of the crises that accompanied us led to the collapse of our national currency (the dinar) were due to the wars that were forcibly imposed on Iraq by some major powers for many years, and the dollar was the final command that dominated the economic scene and contributed to destroying the value of the Iraqi dinar.

In 1970, a piece of land with an area of (600) square meters in the most prestigious place in our city of architecture was worth (5) thousand dinars, and today the same piece is worth (one billion) and (500) million dinars. This is how playing with the fate of peoples was in order to weaken them and control them. Its human and oil resources.

Today, the economic world is witnessing a qualitative boom in awareness, and very soon it will overthrow the “dollar” and its name will be changed in the coming period to “the dinar” and after a while to “the dollar,” and in the end it will completely lose its value and its printing price will be equal to (a number of cents).

In a televised interview with the “”Iraqi President, Engineer Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani””, he uttered a very important phrase (keep the dinar). Today, through my humble vision, I bear witness that the ”Iraqi dinar will return to its lofty economic value””, away from wars and violence, through a new era that imposes its cultural will in the region and the world.   LINK

DallasDude:  Well, this is as good as it gets as far as articles go…for some reason I am feeling a little more pep in my STEP today..

Moparman:  I believe when forex hits the desired number, we as investors go to the bank. This guy talking is just more proof that we will soon celebrate


Clare:  Saleh confirms Iraq’s monetary sovereignty and reduces the effects of speculation in the parallel market


The financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Saleh, ruled out any effects on the exchange market due to “speculation” of the dollar in the parallel market.

Saleh told Al-Furat News Agency, “The effects on the exchange market no longer represent the real price operations of the basic market forces.”

He stated, “Parallel market operations are nothing but illegal speculative acts that profit from accidental profits on individual or marginal transactions and are undertaken by forces of speculators working against the law. This irregular parallel market has become isolated from the power of the official or regular market since the end of the legalization of economic transactions and the prohibition of… Any transactions in dollars in clearing debts within the national economy between natural and legal persons, as today any internal contracts, transactions or obligations concluded in foreign currency and denominated in a currency other than the national currency are not legally valid.”

Saleh noted that “this confirms the monetary sovereignty of our country through the stability of the national currency and dealing in it alone without the participation of foreign currencies in internal economic operations.”

Raghad Dahham    LINK

Clare:  The Sudanese advisor details Iraq’s financial situation and addresses exchange rates

3/5/2024   Baghdad

Today, Tuesday, the Prime Minister’s Advisor for Financial and Economic Affairs, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, stated the real growth rate in Iraq’s non-oil gross domestic product, while referring to Iraq’s financial situation.

Saleh said, in an interview followed by “Al-Iqtisad News,” that “the basis comes from the strength of the foreign asset reserves that Iraq possesses, which exceed 100 billion dollars, and they are the cover of the national currency, which means that there is complete coverage of the national currency issued in foreign currency, which provides “Ideal stability for the Iraqi dinar exchange rate, in addition to the fact that these foreign reserves embody Iraq’s commercial efficiency, as these reserves cover more than 15 commercial months, while the global standard is only three months.”

He added, “We must not forget that the surplus in the current account of the balance of payments relative to the gross domestic product also did not fall below (positive 8%), which is a high indicator that reflects the strength of the external sector in the national economy, that is, its stability and growth.”  

He pointed out that “the real growth rate in Iraq’s non-oil gross domestic product has touched (6%), and it expresses the growing activities of important sectors, most notably the reconstruction, construction and housing movement, and the development of the transport and digital communications sector, and there is a continuing movement in developing the agricultural sector thanks to government support for crops.” We expect Iraq’s grain production in the next few months to reach 6 million tons.”    LINK


Clare:  Official: The issue of Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization is coming soon


Undersecretary of the Minister of Commerce, Sattar Al-Jabri, considered on Tuesday that the issue of Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization was imminent, while he stressed that the current federal government would achieve self-sufficiency and not depend on the importer.

This came during his hosting of a discussion session on the sidelines of the seventh session of the activities of the third day of the Al-Rafidain Forum 2024 – Baghdad, under the title “Humanizing the Global Economy.”

Al-Jabri said during the hosting that the governmental curriculum developed by the Iraqi government is based on a strategy to keep pace with the development taking place in the global economy, as the government signed bilateral international memorandums of understanding in the field of trade and economics.

He stressed that “Iraq is seeking to enter the World Trade Organization, and the issue is coming soon.”

The Iraqi government official spoke about the issue of import and export, saying: There is no trade balance between exported and imported materials, as the monetary mass was going to other countries, and this is what the current government seeks to address by relying on self-sufficiency.

 At the beginning of 2024, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced its support for Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization, especially after the political obstacles that prevented it were removed.   LINK