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Clare: Vietnam central bank says it’s ready to intervene in forex market; dong now at record low against dollar


HANOI (Bloomberg): Vietnam’s central bank said officials are prepared to intervene in the foreign-exchange market as the currency fell to a record low.

Intervention is possible “even today, if needed,” State Bank of Vietnam Deputy Governor Dao Minh Tu said at a briefing in Hanoi on Friday.

The dong dropped to a record-low 25,463 per dollar on the day.

The escalating conflict in the Middle East and expectations the Federal Reserve may delay interest-rate cuts is supercharging the dollar, and pummeling emerging-market currencies globally. Vietnam joins peers in Asia including South Korea and Indonesia in pushing back against the US currency’s strength.

“SBV will use tools such as intervening, and also raising short-term rates by withdrawing liquidity to make FX hedging costs more expensive,” said Michael Wan, senior currency analyst at MUFG Bank.

The daily dollar-dong reference rate had risen 0.7% this week, the most since 2015. — ©2024 Bloomberg L.P.   LINK

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Frank26  Houston Texas and Dearborn Michigan…Al-Sudani arriving [motorcade].  I stopped counting when I got up to 50.  You’re telling me that all these gigantic monstrous vehicles that are escorting the Prime Minister of Iraq is bring a program rate to the world?  You need this type of security for toilet paper value?  Of course not…This is serious.  When the delegation returns back to Iraq, we already told you IOO what is going to happen…

Mnt Goat  The news just keeps getting better and better. …my CBI contact again confirmed to me that this meeting of Iraq with the Whitehouse had to take place and could be seen as a healing meeting between the two countries. One issue was of course the status of leaving or the pullout of US forces. This issue is clear, as the US forces do not plan to leave Iraq again and destabilize the middle east, especially in these turbulent times…don’t worry it is not going to happen any time soon as long-term plans are being negotiated to give Iraq what it wants and give the US what it wants…



Tishwash:  Al-Sudani: Iraq is a country full of opportunities, as witnessed by international organizations

Prime Minister, Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, confirmed that Iraq is a country full of opportunities, as witnessed by international organizations.

The Prime Minister’s Media Office stated in a statement, “Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani met today, Thursday, with a number of members of the Iraqi community in the city of Houston, Texas, USA, where he learned about their conditions and listened to their proposals and proposals, all of which serve the service of their country.”

Al-Sudani indicated, according to the statement, “the government’s keenness to communicate with the members of the Iraqi community everywhere,” stressing “the need for their capabilities and competencies in all fields, and announcing the imminent creation of a department for expatriates linked to the Office of the Prime Minister, for the purpose of following up on the conditions and requirements raised by the members of the Iraqi community.” Iraqi communities.

He stated that “Iraq today has regained its health, and is proceeding with confidence in the development taking place in the right direction, especially after the victory of the Iraqis through their brotherhood and cohesion over ISIS terrorism, a battle that united all segments of the Iraqi people and moved the country towards stability and development.”

He stressed that “Iraq today is embarking on the field of reconstruction, development, and completion of infrastructure. This is an image that may not fully reach the outside world, in addition to the economic and social renaissance that the country is witnessing.”

He explained that “his current visit to the United States comes to establish the foundations of partnership and permanent bilateral relationship between the two countries, in accordance with the sustainable interests of the two peoples, and that the government today has been able to achieve an advanced percentage in the government program, in a way that enhances the citizen’s confidence in the performance of the service and official agencies, and strengthens the factors of stability.” It pushes development projects and government priorities towards completion, implementation, and fulfillment of citizens’ aspirations.”

The Prime Minister stressed that “Iraq is a country full of opportunities, and the size of projects, as certified by international organizations, amounts to 400 billion dollars. At the end of his speech, he praised the Iraqi community in America, which he described as important and qualitative, and we are proud of its contributions and expect it to contribute to the reconstruction and prosperity of Iraq.”   link

BRICS GOLD train leaving the station – Destination Revalue Rd. – LFTV Ep 169

Kinesis Money:  4-19-2024

In this week’s episode of Live from the Vault, Andrew Maguire is joined by TF Metals Report’s Craig Hemke to address the community’s pressing questions on the FED’s suppression struggles, predictions for gold and silver and insight into BRICS.

The precious metals experts explore the significance of physical gold deliverability towards the success of the BRICS currency, which is forcing Western central banks to drastically reevaluate their predictions on the gold price.


 00:00 Start

 01:50 Overall market update

 10:10 The impending support levels for precious metals

 21:45 Ongoing frustrations with gold trading reports!

25:14 An update on China’s gold strategy

27:16 What are the FED and COMEX up too?

33:30 Is BRICS behind the rally of gold to all-time highs?