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Clare:  Iraq ranks high on the list of “most influential” countries in the world


Iraq ranked high on the list of “most influential” countries in the world for the year 2024, an index that measures 11 details that include military power, international alliances, trade, culture, diplomatic influence, and others.

Iraq ranked 49th globally out of 194 countries, while it ranked fourth in the Arab world after Saudi Arabia, which ranked ninth globally, then the Emirates and Egypt, and then Iraq, whose global score reached 83 out of 100.

In first place in the world, the United States of America came in the world for the year 2024, with a number of points reaching 95.3 out of 100, and then China came with a number of points reaching 95 points out of 100.

 The index includes the perceptions of more than 320,000 experts, such as politicians and business leaders, and countries are ranked based on the highest scores among 11 characteristics: military strength, strong international alliances, highly respected state leadership, international trade and travel, and power.

Economic, country culture, diplomatic influence, global diaspora, media influence, being beneficial to other countries in need, and how connected those countries are to the rest of the world, according to SeaWorld.   LINK


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Frank26  The exchange rate is in the budget to be voted on by parliament.  But the budget is waiting for the new exchange rate.  The budget is not waiting for any vote on parliament.

Nader From The Mid East   In 2001 they declare war with Iraq…There is a difference between ceasefire and the war is finished.  For now it’s ceasefire.  No one declared the end of the war in Iraq.  You see the coalition forces still there.  You see the army.  Maybe not a lot but they’re still there.  For Iraq to be free everybody have to get out of there.  Any decisions Iraq made, anything Iraq do or does the United States…have to say yes you can do it or not…The war didn’t end.  That’s why you see Sudani coming out in the 15th of this month coming up to talk about the coalition to get out of Iraq.

Alert :  BRICS secret gold revaluation – LFTV Ep 167

Kinesis Money:  4-5-2024

In this week’s episode of Live from the Vault, Andrew Maguire takes listeners through the recent gold price action and short-term predictions, revealing the behind-the-scenes failings of the Fed’s price-capping.

 The London whistleblower uncovers the panic behind physically-driven precious metal rallies and provides a major update on the BRICS commodity-backed currency that hastens dedollarisation.


 00:00 Start

01:25 Recent gold price action & moving forward

14:30 Fed forced to stop suppressing gold?

17:39 Impact of Bitcoin ETFs

20:55 The new higher stair steps

28:16 Liquidity providers’ gold price forecast

28:45 An update on the BRICS summit

34:00 Today’s silver market