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Clare:  What should be put in Sudanese’s bag during his visit to Washington?


The expert in Iraqi-American affairs and relations, Kato Saadallah, revealed the files that should be clarified in the bag of Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani during his visit to Washington.

Saadallah said: For the program {Free Speech} broadcast by Al-Furat satellite channel this evening, it said: “A Sudanese visit to Washington must bring in his bag of achievements to prove to the American ally how he will deal with him in terms of oil, the economy, the dollar, the banking system, and others.” 

He added, “The Sudanese was sent to Washington to solve the dollar problem and he made great efforts, but the dollar problem is more internal than external and is in the hands of those who control prices.” Saadallah continued, “The Sudanese enjoys American and regional support, and America is putting pressure on the region to avoid complete chaos.”

He stated that “investment companies refrain from entering Iraq because of the bad banking system, and the United States has demanded an internationally recognized banking system for its companies to invest in the country.” 

Saadallah pointed out, “The evaluation of any government takes place within a period of 3-6 months, and all political forces agree to support the current prime minister, and Iraq is affected by events in the region and makes Sudanese’s task difficult.” 

He added, “The fault is not with the Prime Minister, but with the forces that claim to support the Sudanese and create crises to hinder his work.”

Saadallah concluded by saying, “There are still forces controlling Iraq and its internal policy, and we do not have the freedom to choose the decision 100%; but if the political forces strongly support the Prime Minister, all decisions will be implemented.”

Prime Minister, Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, received an official invitation from US President Joe Biden to visit the White House, after months of ongoing controversy inside Iraq, over Washington’s postponement of the visit, which was delayed “much” since Al-Sudani took office last October.

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DallasDude:  And it would be nice to see a internationally recognized rate to go along with a internationally recognized banking system..


Clare:  Al-Shammari: No US sanctions on Iraq and negotiations with Iran to create a platform for currencies other than the dollar


Al-Shammari said in a press statement, “In the past, we were astonished at the money laundering operations at the currency auction, and the cries were rising from all political, social, and popular classes because it was a drain on the national economy,” noting, “There were major money laundering operations that benefited countries, organizations, and corrupt people.”

He added, “The launch of the platform is Iraq’s entry into the international financial and economic system. There are no sanctions imposed on Iraq by the US Treasury, but sometimes there is a tightening of standards to deliver potential political messages.”

Al-Shammari pointed out that “the previous government did not prepare the requirements for implementing the platform system, and Al-Shammari: 90% of major companies entered the platform after the percentage did not exceed 5%,” noting that “operations against dollar speculators are continuing.”

He continued, “The security services are on alert to pursue dollar speculators,” stressing that “basic foodstuffs were not affected by the price of the dollar.”

Al-Shammari explained, “The average value of bilateral free trade between Iraq and Iran is approximately $20 million per day if we adopt the annual trade volume of $5.5-6 billion,” noting that “there are negotiations with the Iranian side to create a platform for new currencies other than the dollar to secure intra-trade between the two countries.” “.

He said, “Visa Direct is a new banking service launched by one of the most important digital banks in the country under the supervision of the Central Bank and in cooperation with Visa International. The Central Bank seeks to generalize the experience to the rest of the real banks operating in the country.”

He continued by saying that “Visa Direct is a banking service that will provide a banking service to local merchants who transfer small amounts of money outside the country within 30 minutes while sitting at home, and this will help in the collapse of black market prices and the speculation of speculators,” pointing out that “the Visa Direct service is a basic and strategic start.” of the banking and financial system in Iraq.   LINK

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Walkingstick  In the coming days a new currency will be given to the Iraqi citizens IOO...They are forewarning the Iraqi citizens of what is about to be given to them.

Frank26  Article: “Iraq is working to join the World Trade Organization (WTO)”  Quote: “To review the steps taken by Iraq and the Ministry of Trade to complete the technical files that must be submitted to the organization during the coming period, which will be sent by the organization’s secretariat and the accession department to member states in preparation for holding the next negotiating rounds.”   FULL MEMBERSHIP… FULL THROTTLE ON THE MONETARY REFORM!


Why the Next Decade Will Not Look Like the Last

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