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Clare:  The Iraqi Parliament decides to elect its new president next Saturday


The Iraqi Parliament has set next Saturday as the date for electing its new president.

The media of the Iraqi House of Representatives said in a brief statement received by Shafaq News Agency, that the Presidency of the Council decided to hold a session on Saturday, May 18, 2024, to elect the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

An informed political source told Shafaq News Agency that the “Taqaddum” Party and the “Sadara” Bloc decided to present Mahmoud Al-Mashhadani as a candidate for the presidency of Parliament.

Al-Mashhadani, (75 years old), headed the Iraqi Council of Representatives from 2006 to 2009.

According to the source, the nomination was supported by Muhammad al-Halbousi, with the withdrawal of Talal al-Zubaie, leaving al-Mashhadani to remain a solo candidate, facing Salem al-Issawi.

The “Sadara” parliamentary bloc announced, after midnight on Saturday, joining the “Taqaddum” coalition led by Muhammad al-Halbousi, in a decision that would advance a candidate for the presidency of the Iraqi parliament.   LINK

Clare:  A deficit exceeding 75 trillion, and this is the date of its arrival.. Parliament’s finances talk about the 2024 budget

5/13/2024  Baghdad

Today, Monday, the Parliamentary Finance Committee expected the schedules of the general budget law from the government to reach the House of Representatives this week, while it determined the expected deficit percentage.

Committee member Faisal Al-Naeli said, in an interview followed by Al-Iqtisad News, that “the House of Representatives is awaiting the arrival of the budget schedules and the start of discussing its provisions and making the necessary amendments to them by the Finance Committee to ensure the proper implementation of the government curriculum.”

He pointed out that “indicators confirm that the schedules will reach the House of Representatives this week in order to proceed with their approval as quickly as possible.”

In turn, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Moin Al-Kadhimi, revealed the expected deficit in the current year’s budget, indicating that it may exceed 75 trillion dinars.

Al-Kadhimi said, “The current year’s budget amounts to 228 trillion dinars, with a planned deficit of up to 75 trillion.”

He added, “The budget included total revenues and spending in the amount of 150 trillion dinars, indicating that the government seeks for actual spending to be 228 trillion.”

He pointed out that “the committee will amend the budget schedules during the second reading.”  LINK


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Mnt Goat  …the IQD must be put back on FOREX for Iraq to progress to the desired goals as they themselves proclaim they want to accomplish…know that progress is moving along and much more quickly now…Oh…just wait until Iraq gets back on FOREX…WOW, things are really going to explode.

Paulette  It is great to see more articles regarding the “Float”…I strongly believe this is the early stages of the last push by the CBI to educate the Citizens prior to implementing the “Delete the Zeros” project…Patience all…this is slowly coming together…

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