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Clare:  Tomorrow, Putin will discuss the situation in the Middle East with Sudanese


 The Kremlin press office reported that President Vladimir Putin will hold talks tomorrow, Tuesday, in the Kremlin with Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad al-Sudani.

According to the press office statement, the Russian President will discuss with the Iraqi Prime Minister the situation in the Middle East, as well as ways to develop Russian-Iraqi cooperation.

The statement said, “On October 10, discussions will take place in the Kremlin between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq, Muhammad Al-Sudani.”

He added, “During this, issues of developing multifaceted Russian-Iraqi cooperation, in addition to current topics on the international agenda, primarily the situation in the Middle East, will be studied comprehensively.”

Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani is scheduled to go to Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on October 10 and 11.

According to a government source, Al-Sudani will leave Iraq on the ninth of this month and will meet with Putin on the tenth of October, and they will hold working meetings on the 11th of October. To discuss cooperation between the two countries in the economic and political fields.     LINK

Clare: Al-Sudani receives the Saudi Foreign Minister at the Baghdad Presidential Palace

10/9/2023  Baghdad –

On Monday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani received Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah Al Saud, at the presidential palace in Baghdad.  LINK


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Mnt Goat   I was…told [by my CBI contact in Iraq] the real reason why the GOI, under prime minister al-Sudani has not directed full funding distribution for all the projects listed in the budget. It was for multiple reasons: 1. to first continue to clean up more of the corruption in the provinces; 2. hold back the dollars in the reserves as long as possible needed to back any reinstatement process and global rating for the dinar.

Militia Man   Article quote:  “The United States has warned Al-Sudani’s government eight times publicly …American side has provided ample evidence the majority of buyers of the dollar are smuggling it out of the country to Iran, Syria and Lebanon.”  Local and private banks don’t have the dollar.  You’re going to see how that plays out…The request for a specific cash [$1 billion] was denied by the Federal Reserve Bank…The black market is the problem and they just got pinched…I think the US Federal Reserve Bank, US Treasury, Central Bank of Iraq and Al-Sudani got fed up and tired and said we’re going to fix it whether you like it or not…the black market will go away if they do this properly.



Tishwash:  What happened today in Baghdad banks? Dollar customers will not be patient any longer.. They will close their accounts – Urgent

Journalists are prohibited from entering

For the second day in a row, chaos has prevailed in the branches of government and private banks in Baghdad, with large numbers of customers arriving to withdraw whatever amounts they can deposited in US dollars, amid fears of “banks exploiting depositors’ accounts,” according to a number of customers.

 Since Monday morning, customers have flocked to the branches of major and regional banks in the hope of withdrawing their dollar balances.

Most banks still refuse to hand over their balances to customers on the grounds of the lack of cash liquidity in foreign currency.

The media was prevented from covering the situation inside or near banks, with security tightened around most banks.

A number of customers describe the banks’ practices as “organized theft” with fears of “bad exploitation” of the balances of depositors and dollar account holders.

Customer trends were divided into three options: those who wanted to close their bank accounts, those who wanted to close them, and those who preferred to wait until the end of the year.

Those wishing to close their accounts hope that this step will force the bank to disburse the rest of their balances, while others seem more clear by demanding that their account be zeroed out and keep it open without a balance in the hope of using it if the situation changes.

Those demanding access to their dollar balances fear that the banks will postpone their disbursement in order to deliver them after the end of the current year in Iraqi dinars and at the official exchange rate, which means that depositors will lose a large percentage of the value of their deposits.

Customers who preferred to wait do not have large accounts or do not care about changing the value of their balances later, while awaiting a solution from the central bank.

source in one of the Baghdad banks:

We advised customers to wait a day or two while awaiting the arrival of an increase in our balances from the Central Bank, which today disbursed a new portion of them.

Number of bank customers:

The words of bank officials cannot be trusted. We have relied on them throughout the past period, and they have led us to where things are today.

The state must intervene to end the crisis. The dollar problem cannot be solved in this way, which raised the exchange rate in the market instead of contributing to controlling it. link

BRICS Vs. The Dollar, Is the Dollar Doomed?

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