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Clare:  The Prime Minister’s Advisor announces the decline in the effects of the parallel market and the decline in its activity

3/24/2024  Baghdad – INA – Nassar Al-Hajj 

The financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Saleh, announced today, Sunday, the decline in the effects of the parallel market and the decline in its activity, while revealing the reasons for the decline in the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar, and the importance of monetary policy and its imposition of a climate of stability at the general level.

Saleh said to the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “Economic policy played a major role in imposing a climate of stability in the general level of dollar exchange rates,” indicating that “the state of superiority of the official exchange market in financing Iraq’s foreign trade caused a decline in the effects of the parallel market and a decline in its illegal activities.” Legal“.

He pointed out thatthe decline in parallel market rates in favor of the official exchange rate is a tangible success in the cohesion of the country’s economic policy in its three aspects: financial, monetary and commercial,” pointing out that “the work and high coordination of policies led to providing an incubator of stability embodied in relative price calm and the containment of seasonal price fluctuations.” “For materials in high demand, specifically the provision of basic goods related to consumption and daily living for citizens.”

He noted “the importance of using the customs policy, which was represented by (reducing customs tariffs and diversifying imports without quantitative limits for basic and necessary goods) as part of the performance of the financial policy in providing price stability and ensuring the supply of materials, food and essential goods, and production supplies at the official exchange rate and in accordance with the requirements of the national economy.” In addition to the high stability in bank financing for foreign trade for the private sector, which began to adopt the stable official exchange rates of 1,320 dinars per dollar in a wide and more flexible manner through the regularity and stability of financing operations.

He pointed out that “the demand for foreign currency for the purposes of financing the country’s foreign trade, on the part of the private sector, is today backed by large foreign currency reserves, which are the highest in the country’s history, reaching nearly 111 billion dollars today.”

He continued, “These high foreign currency reserves reflect the country’s annual trade efficiency of more than 16 months of import at least in light of the global standard for the commercial efficiency of foreign reserves, which is set at only about three months, and that the ability of these reserves to cover the exported currency is considered complete coverage in foreign exchange, which is an indicator of stability.” Contains any existing or anticipated adverse price fluctuations. LINK


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Monetary System Spiraling Out of Control, There’s No Way To Turn Back: Rafi Farber

Commodity Culture:  3-23-2024

Rafi Farber can see the end game of our monetary system fast approaching, and one of the main signs is the proliferation of insane ideology in the Western world, along with out-of-control government spending and record levels of debt.

Rafi explains how to prepare for the inevitable collapse he sees ahead and why gold and silver play such an important role in bringing humanity back to honest money.

00:00 Introduction

01:21 Gold Hitting All-Time Highs

 05:20 High Gold Prices and Geopolitical Chaos

 09:19 Can the Powers-That-Be Stop This Train?

 11:33 What About Silver?

 15:54 The End Game is Absolutely Coming

18:36 Is the U.S. Economy Strong?

 21:27 Misconceptions About Hyperinflation

30:29 New York Community Bank Crash

 33:56 Preparing For the End Game

37:32 Separating Fact From Fiction