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Clare: The Kurdistan Region will be closed tomorrow on the anniversary of the liberation of Iraq, April 9


The Kurdistan Regional Government announced the suspension of official working hours tomorrow, Tuesday, on the occasion of the anniversary of the “fall of the Baath regime” in 2003.

The Regional Government’s Media and Information Department said in a statement, “Tomorrow, Tuesday, is a holiday in all government institutions on the occasion of the anniversary of April 9.” 

He added, “On April 9, 2003, the Baath regime fell and Iraq was liberated.”  LINK

Clare: The Iraqi market suspends its activity for 6 days


The Iraq Stock Exchange announced, on Monday, the suspension of its activity for a period of six days.

The market stated, in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency: “Based on the Council of Ministers’ decision to declare a six-year official holiday for Eid al-Fitr, the market’s activities and trading sessions will stop for six days.”

He explained, “The holiday will be starting Tuesday, April 9, and trading sessions will resume on Sunday, April 14.”

It is noteworthy that the Iraq Stock Exchange organizes five trading sessions weekly from Sunday to Thursday, and 103 Iraqi joint stock companies are listed, representing the sectors of banking, communications, industry, agriculture, insurance, financial investment, tourism, hotels and services.   LINK


Clare: Office of Mr. Al-Sistani: It is expected that Wednesday will be the first day of Eid Al-Fitr


The office of the Supreme Authority, Sayyed Ali al-Sistani, announced: “The office’s forecasts for the crescent times for the Hijri months indicated the possibility of seeing the crescent of Shawwal tomorrow, Tuesday, so that Wednesday will be the first day of Eid al-Fitr.”

According to the crescent timings of the Office of the Sistani Reference, it is expected that: “The crescent of the month of Shawwal is expected to be seen on the evening of Tuesday (29) Ramadan / 1445 AH) corresponding to (9) April / 2024 AD, on the horizon of the holy city of Najaf at sunset at (6:27).” LINK

Suzie: I know with all the forthcoming intel/info we’ve had from Frank and teams, the promise made by Sudani to the people along with his upcoming visit to Washington, we all are speculating the next move shortly from Iraq as the blessing we’ve all (including the Iraqis) long awaited, I hope and pray we’re not setting ourselves up for another disappointment from more of Iraq’s capabilities for another set back like we’ve been used to seeing….praying for all this to go well this time around with no more delays. 


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Walkingstick and Frank26  This monetary reform is right in front of your face.  It’s at your doorstep.  I envision being at the very edge of a cliff, on my tiptoes, with my arms out, leaning forward, my head down, waiting for a gust of wind to let me fly….

Goldilocks   Iraq is in the process of signing bilateral agreements that will support their infrastructure through their shipping ports.  This move will help Iraq to spend their money locally and support their own economy.  Projects such as this will help justify new values on their Iraqi Dinar…


Greg Mannarino:  4-8-2024


PHYSICAL SILVER! This Time REALLY is Different-The WORLD Demands SILVER!

 (Andy Schectman & Bix Weir)  4-8-2024

I sat down with our friend Andy Schectman and chatted about the current REVELATIONS surrounding the ever decreasing supplies of Physical Silver and WHERE IT IS ALL GOING! PS – Andy believes so deeply in the Silver story that he even got an “Ag” tattoo on his arm in Amsterdam!!