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Clare:  Details of the parliamentary finance meeting on the final report of the 20204 budget


Today, Saturday, June 1, 2024, the Finance Committee, headed by Engineer Atwan Al-Atwani and attended by its members, led its meeting dedicated to preparing the final report on the federal general budget schedules for the year 20204.

The Chairman of the Finance Committee stressed the keenness to complete all the details related to the schedules and prepare the final report in preparation for presenting it to the House of Representatives, taking into account the state’s financial path and the economic feasibility that must be studied. 

The members of the committee presented views and opinions regarding the possibility of making the required transfers according to need and the economic vision in line with the public interest, as well as the importance of assessing the institutions’ need according to realistic data. 

The committee added the need to raise the level of ambition in terms of the necessary financial allocations for projects and distribute the amounts fairly in accordance with the law and in line with the government program.  LINK

Clare:  Sudanese inaugurates a digital data center that operates for 30 days without electricity


Today, Saturday, Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani opened the digital data center at the Ministry of Interior and the traffic plate manufacturing factory, in the capital, Baghdad. 

The opening took place, according to a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, in the presence of the Ministers of Interior, Planning, Communications, Higher Education, Labor and Social Affairs, the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, the Governor of the Central Bank, and a number of government and security officials.

In his speech during the opening, Al-Sudani praised the efforts of workers in the Ministry of Interior and the Iraqi company implementing the project, stressing the importance of the digital data center in preserving and circulating data.

He explained that the Ministry has made important strides in providing electronic service to citizens, which began with the passport and entry visa, and today it culminates in the completion of this center dedicated to collecting data, pointing out that the Ministry of Interior is not only a security body, but it is also a service ministry that deals directly with the citizen.

He stressed the importance of sharing data between different departments and institutions, stressing that the readiness of information will raise the level of performance of the Ministry of Interior in the field of tracking crime.

He explained that the digital data center is in line with the directives of the Prime Minister to ensure data security and sharing, and to rely on automation and digital transformation in providing services to citizens. According to the statement, this center is part of the electronic passport, electronic visa and electronic portals project concluded with the Police Martyrs Fund. It will also serve the Ministry of Interior and all its formations, such as the electronic passport systems, the electronic visa, the national card, the vehicle registration system, market licenses, criminal evidence, and the Directorate of… Identities, and will be able to support ministries and the private sector in data hosting and backup.

Al-Sudani stated that the center accommodates 200 digital data cabins, accommodates future development and expansion for the next 20 years, and was built with high specifications that allow it to continue operating for 30 days in the event of a complete national power outage.

During his speech, Al-Sudani also said: “Our government is a service government, and when service is achieved quickly and easily and we obtain the satisfaction of the citizen, then we have achieved our goal.” 

He stressed that speed, accuracy and security of information is required, and that a meeting of the Supreme Committee for Digital Transformation was held to emphasize the importance of not dispersing efforts through the large number of committees.

He stressed that his directives include dealing with everything issued by the Supreme Committee for Digital Transformation as a work plan that must be implemented, and that the process of preserving information today depends on a cybersecurity system to maintain information security, stressing the necessity of keeping pace with the acceleration in electronic development, and the importance of data sharing between ministries and institutions. Various, to be provided to the Ministry of Planning, the Central Bank, and the Social Protection Network.

Al-Sudani concluded his speech by emphasizing that sharing information enables dealing with crime with quick measures, and that the readiness of information will increase performance in tracking down criminals.   LINK


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Frank26   Article: “Parliamentary Finance confirms the readiness of the budget tables for voting in Monday’s session  I BELIEVE IN JUNE 3rd FOR MANY THINGS TO COME TOGETHER.

Militia Man  The House of Representatives will vote next Monday on the budge schedules…We’ve been waiting for it… Is it important?  Is it not important?  Obviously it’s a focus.   Article Quote: “Mustafa … announced the House of Representatives intends to vote on the financial budget tables for the year of 2024…It will be held at 3:00 in the afternoon on Monday.”

CHINA: Economic & Industrial Rise, West Asia Geopolitics, BRICS Blockchain |Prof. Warwick Powell

Lena Petrova:  6-1-2024


The Fed’s Rate Cut Deception Just Got Exposed

Atlantis Report:  6-1-2024

The Federal Reserve’s decisions about interest rates have significant implications for the entire economy.

There is increasing anticipation about the possibility of the Fed reducing interest rates, usually seen as a way to stimulate economic growth and prosperity.

 However, as the discussion heats up, many experts have noted that the Fed might be using a bait and switch strategy, where the Fed’s promises of economic boosting rate cuts may not be what they seem.

This unsettling possibility has caused concern in the financial community, leading to scrutiny and skepticism from consumers, businesses, and economic experts.