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Clare:  Launching the platform for electronic reservation and payment for the international scope of Iraq


Today, Sunday, the Communications and Media Commission announced the launch of the platform for electronic reservation and payment for the international Iraqi domain com.iq and .net.iq by companies in a step to enhance the use and spread of this name.

The authority said in a statement: “The new platform, which will begin operating tomorrow, Monday, the first of April, will facilitate an integrated automation process for reserving and managing the Iraqi domain under the extensions com.iq and net.iq, which will be designated for Iraqi companies seeking to enhance their electronic presence without the need to visit the headquarters.” Authority or its offices.

She continued, “The platform, which uses the latest technologies in management and financial payment processes, will enable companies to carry out the process of selecting the name they wish to reserve, in addition to paying the financial costs assigned to it, in addition to controlling the DNS of the hosting to which the reserved domain will be linked.”

She pointed out that “the new platform can be accessed through the website https://iq.cmc.iq and follow the instructions explained for the registration process, emphasizing the importance of preparing all documents and information necessary to complete the process successfully, and entering the company’s registration information in English.” LINK


Clare:  Chambers of Commerce: Implementing the SWIFT system will attract international commercial activities to Iraq

3/31/2024   Baghdad – IA – Fatima Rahma

Today, Sunday, the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce explained the importance of the SWIFT system on the Iraqi economic movement, stressing that the implementation of this system will attract international commercial activities to Iraq.  

The president of the federation, Abdul Razzaq Al-Zuhairi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “SWIFT is a global system, and when it was implemented in Iraq, funds became managed in a white-collar manner before the world.”

He added, “Implementing the SWIFT system will give us a great opportunity to attract all sectors and international commercial activities that come to Iraq, because the transfer has become through this platform, and the importer and exporter have become known, and all papers are clear and natural.”

Al-Zuhri stated: “There was a great delay in starting to implement the SWIFT system for two or three months, on the part of most commercial companies, Iraqi banks, and the Central Bank, because the system is new and there is no information about this issue, but now things are going well.”

He pointed out, “The more traders and business owners enter the platform, the more stability there will be in the exchange rate,”  expressing his hope that “there will be real participation between the public and private sectors.”   LINK


Courtesy of Dinar Guru:  https://www.dinarguru.com/

Militia Man    Article quote:  “Minister of Finance …will launch funding for the government tomorrow Sunday…explained the value of salaries amounts to 69 trillion dinars.”  69 trillion is over half what they’ve ever printed.  It doesn’t make any sense.  How do you have a 228 trillion budget when you don’t ever have that much money?

Frank26  The CBI announcement – We believe it’s about the currency.  We believe it’s about the auctions.  We believe it’s about a change in the auctions, a metamorphosis of the auctions which is exactly what the US Treasury wanted in order to have security and stability in the bank, which was exactly what was needed in order to bring forth a new exchange rate for their currency.  


Greg Mannarino:  3-31-2024


No One Is Expecting This Next Upset | Michael Oliver

Liberty and Finance:  3-30-2024

Money managers will likely move out of the stock market and into safe-havens such as precious metals when the stock market starts to wobble, says Michael Oliver. Already, some large managers have shifted into the gold miners. Gold has been making all-time highs. Silver and the miners have been lagging gold, but that is likely about to change, says Oliver.


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