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Al-Sudani discusses with members of the US Congress the end of the international coalition’s mission and the transition to bilateral relations


Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani discussed, with members of the US Congress, today, Saturday, the end of the international coalition’s mission in Iraq.

Al-Sudani’s media office stated in a statement received by {Al-Furat News} that “Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani received four members of the US Congress, namely: Mike Turner, McKeirl, Joe Wilson, and Gerry Connolly, on the sidelines of his Excellency’s participation in the 2024 Munich Security Conference.” .

The statement added, “During the meeting, bilateral relations between Iraq and the United States were discussed, and ways to enhance constructive cooperation, as well as a number of files and issues of common interest were reviewed. The meeting also touched on the ongoing dialogue regarding ending the mission of the international coalition in Iraq, after the arrival of the security forces.” Iraq has reached an advanced stage of readiness and high performance, and the transition to broad bilateral relations between Iraq, the United States of America, and the rest of the coalition countries.”

The Prime Minister stressed, “the necessity of developing relations between the two countries at various levels and sectors, without limiting them to the security aspect only,” pointing to “the state of recovery that Iraq is going through, the reforms it is witnessing in various economic and financial sectors, and the progress of concluding integrated economic partnerships with countries in the region.” “And the world, which will contribute to promoting development and achieving stability for the country.”

For their part, members of the US Congress indicated their “interest in the success of the Iraqi government in several aspects,” stressing “the importance of Iraq and its role in enhancing security and stability in the region.”  LINK



Sudanese Advisor: Iraq is on the cusp of a transitional stage in the development of promising economies globally

2/17/2024  Baghdad

On Saturday, the financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, explained the six principles launched by Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, to maximize value chains and sustain the development momentum in the country, while stressing that Iraq is on the cusp of a transitional stage in the development of promising economies globally.

Saleh said, in a statement reported by the official news agency and seen by Al-Iqtisad News, that “Iraq, with its large natural resources, is ranked ninth in the world after countries such as the Russian Federation, the United States of America, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and today it is on the cusp of a transitional stage in the development of economies.” “It is promising for development at the global level. Indeed, international studies estimate that the share of one square kilometer of natural resources relative to the area of our country is the highest in the world.”

He added: “Within the framework of the state’s philosophy of partnership with the private sector, there is a great investment momentum accompanied by high technological capabilities that suit the developments of the new digital era in the world, all of which seek, through international partnerships, to maximize investment, integration and cooperation opportunities in our country as an important part of the policy of Iraq’s integration into “Global economy to achieve prosperity for the Iraqi people and diversify sources of investment and national income in our country.”

He continued: “In all cases, the national private sector today has priority to support and provide the necessary sovereign guarantees in keeping with the climate of guarantees obtained by international investments,” pointing to “a new development era for Iraq that leads to the diversification of sources of income through investment in diverse wealth.” natural and human resources, launching the manufacturing industry, and supporting agricultural efforts to maximize value chains with different technologies.”

He pointed out that “maximizing value chains in Iraq and sustaining development momentum stems from the six principles launched by the Prime Minister, in his recent meeting in the Netherlands with international businessmen and investors, which he summarized as follows:  

The first principle: economic reform in all areas of the economy without relying on oil.

The second principle: Supporting farmers in expanding the use of modern technologies in the field of water and benefiting from international experiences, especially Dutch ones.

The third principle: The state seeks to provide sovereign guarantees to the private sector, amounting to 85% of the project value, to ensure the transfer of modern international industries, technologies and services to our country.

The fourth principle: Launching the operation of the Grand Al-Faw Port in the year 2025, as a foundation for development and economic progress that is integrated with the development path strategy, noting that the fifth berth of the port has been docked by one of the international ships.

The fifth principle: Reforming the financial and banking sector to put it on a competitive foundation commensurate with international compliance standards, as financial and banking reform is the introduction to the government’s reform program to link the effective finance sector to development programs and the speed of their implementation and progress.

The sixth and final principle: The desire of the global financial and banking market to open branches of its banks and activities in Iraq, which enhances the financing and investment environment and the integration of the Iraqi economy with the global economy.

He concluded by saying: “It is the message of the six principles launched by the Prime Minister to the global economic community to inaugurate another development era in Iraq, the goals of which are to diversify the national economy through partnership between the state and the private sector.” LINK


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Frank26  [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]  FIREFLY:  Sudani talked about going to Washington DC to meet and get all oil reserves and assets from oil held in U.S. Treasury.  FRANK:  Dang!  Like they don’t have enough money!  Wow! 

Jeff  Article: “The Prime Minister of Iraq receives a new invitation without an appointment to visit Washington”  Sudani will be visiting Washington after they’ve revalued their currency to discuss getting their possessions back from the United States, such as all of their OPEC oil dollars...We have other collateral and assets on them, we need to give them back.  That’s the reason he’ll be going to Washington after the rate has changed…

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