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Clare:  CEO of JPMorgan Chase expresses Support for Iraq

21st April 2024 By John Lee.

Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani received Mr. Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, and his accompanying delegation on Wednesday, during his visit to the Washington DC.

During the meeting, they discussed the government’s efforts in implementing financial and banking reforms, aiming to revitalize the economic situation and achieve development.

They also discussed the government’s measures to develop the state-owned banking sector by contracting with leading international consulting firms specialized in banking reform. Additionally, they talked about encouraging private banks to open accounts with foreign banks to act as correspondent banks, as part of a plan to phase out the electronic platform by the end of the current year.

Prime Minister al-Sudani emphasized that no developmental sector can progress without reformative steps in the banking sector. He also stressed the necessity of continuing dialogue with the US Treasury, the Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and other international financial institutions.

Mr. Dimon praised the efforts of the Iraqi government in activating, developing, and rehabilitating both state-owned and private banks. He expressed his support for the activities of the Iraq Development Fund and readiness to provide expertise, assistance, training, and cooperation.

(Source: Media Office of the Prime Minister)   LINK


Clare:  During Erdogan’s visit…a quadripartite agreement between Iraq, Turkey, Qatar and the Emirates on the path to development


Government spokesman Bassem Al-Awadi announced that it is hoped to sign a quadripartite agreement between Iraq, Turkey, Qatar and the Emirates on the path to development. 

Al-Awadi said in a press statement, “The visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Baghdad tomorrow will witness a very big starting point in Iraqi-Turkish relations.”

He stated that “the visit will witness the signing of two strategic agreements and more than 20 memorandums of understanding.”

He pointed out that “the visit will witness the signing of a strategic agreement on the water file that will include many points and items.”

Al-Awadi pointed to “an agreement between Iraq and Turkey to develop a joint approach to confront security challenges.”

He noted that “the water issues for Iraq and security for Turkey are crucial issues.”  LINK


Clare:  Parliamentary Oil: Signs of resolving the oil dispute with Türkiye are present in Erdogan’s visit


A member of the Parliamentary Oil and Gas Committee, Durgham Al-Maliki, confirmed that there are signs of resolving the oil dispute with Turkey during the visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Al-Maliki said {to Al-Furat News}, “It is certain that Erdogan’s visit to Iraq brings many understandings between the Iraqi government and the Turkish side, to the possibility of discussing the issue of exporting the region’s oil through Turkish territory and reaching solutions with the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and the Prime Minister.” 

Al-Maliki added, “The beginnings of resolving the dispute exist because it is one of the most important outstanding issues, in addition to a number of other matters, as he will have proposals for solutions up his sleeve.”

 Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan stated that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will sign, during his visit to Baghdad tomorrow, Monday, a strategic framework agreement that will become a roadmap for bilateral relations.

Fidan told reporters: “Preparations have been completed, and preliminary understandings have been reached to sign more than 20 agreements during President Erdogan’s visit to Iraq, and it is planned to sign a strategic framework agreement, which will form a road map for bilateral relations.”

Erdogan is scheduled to visit Iraq tomorrow, Monday, for the first time in 12 years.

From: Raghad Dahham   LINK


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Deepwoodz   Article:   “Al-Sudani: Iraq is witnessing a new reality today in the private sector”   MOU’s and Sovereign Guarantees…impossible without sovereign currency that has purchasing power.  We’ve learned Iraq’s contracts have recently been adjusted so that payment is made in dinar…If so, contracts in the billions…paid in dinar, would require assurances that the exchange rate would not move in a negative direction…It may even go so far as to give an exchange rate. If the rate were to move negatively, the foreign contractors would lose out because the value of the agreed upon amount in reflection to their home currency would also be less. That’s a no go…Sounds freakin fantastic.

Militia Man   Al Sudani…first off he shows up to Washington DC, big motorcade, heads over to the Pentagon the following day, big motorcade, comes to Michigan, what did he have?  Big motorcade.  He has the attention…The achievements the statesman Al Sudani has shown everybody is flat-out phenomenal…

Economic Meltdown: ZERO Cuts Signaled, Debt Auction GOES BAD, Major Currency Implodes Further

Sean Foo:  4-20-2024

Thanks to higher inflation, the Federal Reserve has signaled more delays on the rate cuts, possibly zero cuts in 2024.

This is sparking a big market correction and pushing the economy closer towards serious trouble.

We have debt auctions failing despite high yields and major currencies around the world facing further collapse.

 Here’s what you must know.

Timestamps & Chapters:

 0:00 Powell Signals Rate Cut DELAY

 3:15 US Debt Auction Big Fail

6:35 Higher Yields Massive Danger

 8:52 Sponsor: IPM Bullion

 10:03 Commercial Real Estate Risk

11:21 Major Currency Crash Worsens

14:38 Japan’s Yen Is Trapped