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Clare:  The Ministry of Finance of the Kurdistan Region will begin distributing July salaries tomorrow, Monday


The Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Region announced, on Sunday, the salary distribution schedule for employees and workers in the public sector in the region for the month of last July.

The Ministry said in a statement today that, starting tomorrow, Monday, the 25th of September, it will begin distributing the salaries of government employees for the month of July.

The schedule indicates that the salary distribution process will continue for 12 days, until the eighth of next October.

Earlier today, the same ministry announced that Rafidain Bank had deposited a sum of money amounting to 250 billion dinars into its account in order to distribute employee salaries.  LINK

Clare:  The Minister of Transport sets the date for the completion of preliminary designs of the second section of the Development Road Project


The Minister of Transport, Razzaq Muhaibas Al-Saadawi, announced today, Sunday, the completion of preliminary designs of the second section of the development road project next October.

Al-Saadawi said in a statement, a copy of which was received by {Al-Furat News}, that: “The development road project reflects our clear government vision, stressing that it tops our ministerial program in the year 2023.”

He added, “The Italian company designing the project will complete the second section of the initial designs during the month of October of this year, as the designs for the first section were allocated from the city of Al-Faw at an estimated distance of 150 km, while the designs for the second section will arrive at an estimated distance of 400 km.”

Al-Saadawi noted that “a joint team from Iraq and Turkey intends to conduct a field visit to the meeting point in the Fish Khabour region, to review and discuss the details of the connection between the two countries on the ground,” stressing that “soil investigation operations are still continuing in the governorates and in continuous progress, as operations have reached… Soil investigation up to 700 intermittent kilometers of the track.

Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani said in a speech he delivered during the meetings of the United Nations General Assembly in its 78th session, that the development road project is “the pioneering and newest project in the region, and it is the vital land channel linking basic economic parts in our developing region,” stressing that “ “The most appropriate and best path for trade and economic exchange in the region.”


Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Pimpy  We know that the Iraq dinar is much more valuable currency, how much of an impact it’s [The US House of Representatives will hold a session next week to cancel the authorization for the invasion of Iraq]  going to have on Iraqi dinar remains to be seen.  Like I said I don’t want to promise anything but I think then we could see some much bigger jumps in the value if outside investors start coming in because the authorization has been reversed, if these restriction are removed off the Iraqi dinar then we can see some huge jumps.  

Militia Man  They’re really serious about this investing aspect of Iraq…The meeting with the US Secretary of State discussed the activation of the Strategic Framework Agreement, the entry of American companies and the resumption of oil exports through the Turkish port…They’re going to help Iraq to be supportive of their currency and the value of that currency because all the income streams are going to be able to support Iraq to get investment projects done…

BREAKING: Oil Prices Rise As Russia Imposes Export Ban On Diesel, Gas To Stabilize Domestic Prices

Lena Petrova:  9-24-2023

Russia Just Unleashed Economic Hell, AGAIN

Sean Foo:  9-24-2023

Russia just cut oil exports again! This time, they are doing it with diesel, ramping up the inflation pain in the West, especially in Europe. Here’s why this diesel export ban is significant and why Russia is moving to unleash economic turmoil in global commodities.

Timestamps & Chapters:

0:00 Russia Ramping Up The Pain

2:45 Russia’s Diesel Ban

5:46 Weaponizing Commodities

8:23 Russia’s Economic Agenda

10:34 EU Energy Supply Shock

13:31 The Inflation Trap