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Clare:  George Bush greets Masoud Barzani and wishes the people of Kurdistan and Iraq well-being


On Wednesday, former US President George W. Bush sent a special greeting to the Kurdish leader, Masoud Barzani, while wishing the people of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq in general happiness and prosperity.

A statement issued by the Kurdistan Regional Government, received by Shafaq News Agency, said, “Prime Minister Masrour Barzani, as part of his visit to the United States, met with former US President George W. Bush.”

During the meeting, Barzani expressed his thanks and appreciation to President Bush for his support for the people of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, as well as the liberation of Iraq from the dictatorial regime, and his support for the democratic system in the country.

For his part, President Bush sent his special greetings to President Masoud Barzani, and also expressed his wishes for contentment and prosperity to the people of Kurdistan and all the citizens of Iraq.   LINK

Rodman:  when is Iraq supposed to be in the WTO

Paulette:  IMO……Not before they pass needed legislation, eliminate the MCP and are recognized as having accepted IMF Article 8 obligations.  Accession Committee next meeting with Iraq is planned for the “middle of the year”





Official: The issue of Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization is coming soon

Undersecretary of the Minister of Commerce, Sattar Al-Jabri, considered on Tuesday that the issue of Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization was imminent, while he stressed that the current federal government would achieve self-sufficiency and not depend on the importer.



Frank26:  “WTO COMPLETE & AFFIRMED”……………F26

 Iraq completes requirements to join WTO


 The Iraqi Minister of Trade, Atheer Al-Ghurairi, affirmed that Iraq fulfilled the conditions necessary to become a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) following the completion of economic reforms and the enhancement of the investment climate.

Al-Ghurairi told the Emirates News Agency (WAM) that Baghdad finalized issues related to goods and services in accordance with the deadlines set for integration into the international trade system.


Frank26:  “THERE’S ONLY ONE REASON.”………..F26

 Revealing the reasons for the delay in the arrival of amendments to the budget schedules to Parliament



Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Planning Committee, Muhammad Al-Baldawi, revealed, on Tuesday, the real reasons behind the government’s delay in sending amendments to the current year’s budget schedules to the House of Representatives for the purpose of approval.
Al-Baldawi told Al-Maalouma,

The delay in sending amendments to the 2024 budget schedules to Parliament is due to several reasons, including the ministries not completing their plans regarding the lagging projects, as the government is working to close this file, as well as the difference in prices and currency values.” (THIS IS THE REASON, NOTHING ELSE -F26)

He added, “Among those reasons relates to the schedules and amounts allocated to the Kurdistan region of Iraq, especially after the recent decisions issued by the Federal Court, which obligated the government to do so.”

He pointed out that “most of these reasons and obstacles have been overcome by the government and will be sent to Parliament very soon.”   LINK


Courtesy of Dinar Guru:  https://www.dinarguru.com/

Frank26  You have the 25,000 dinar note.  You don’t take a pair of scissors and cut out the three zeros.  A lot of you think that.  No…The official exchange rate… .00085971 . You don’t go around thinking to yourself they’re going to take a pair of scissors and they’re going to cut the physical dinar.  No. No. No.  What they’re going to do is take the exchange rate…put the decimal point there so the exchange rate then would be about .86 cents [rounded off]... What does that mean?  If you have 1 dinar you have $0.86 cents when they lift the 3 zeros from the exchange rate…It’s a reinstatement…back the way it was.      

Militia Man  Article “The dinar and the dollar”  Remember Al Sudani told everyone that the Iraq dinar will return to its lofty economic value because the dinar is stronger than the dollar.  There are things that are coming back up.  This is Muhammad Rasheed, he’s talking about the national currency…the dinar.  He’s stating that the economic world is witnessing a qualitative boom in awareness.  A lot of people around the world are figuring this out and very soon it will overthrow the dollar.  So the dinar is going to be stronger.  Al-Sudani told us that…This guy Muhammad Rasheed is holding his feet to the fire…  

BRICS Reveals Its Next Move Iraqi President Makes Statement

Edu Matrix:  3-6-2024

BRICS Reveals Its Next Move: Iraqi President Makes Statement – BRICS is going digital currency – Iraq’s president makes a statement about Iraqi people in a meeting with a UN Special Representative. BRICS sends notice to G20 of the organization’s top priorities.


BRICS Announce Blockchain Currency (Now Is THE TIME To Stack Silver)

Smart Silver Stacker:  3-7-2024

BRICS nations have announced a new blockchain currency to rival the dollar. Gold is surging, and silver isn’t far behind.