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Clare:  The Iraqi market trades shares worth more than 26 billion dinars within a month


The Iraq Stock Exchange announced, on Tuesday, that it traded more than 21 billion shares with a financial value exceeding 26 billion dinars during the 22 sessions it organized this October, which is nearing its end.

According to the indicators achieved during this month, the number of shares traded was (21,477,379,061) shares, through the trading of shares of (64) companies, indicating that the value of these shares amounted to (26,113,326,640) dinars.

The number of executed contracts reached (12,982) contracts, while the ISX60 traded stock price index closed in the last trading session at (808.55) points.

As for the indicators achieved for the current year until October 31, the number of shares reached more than 515 billion shares with a financial value of more than 495 billion dinars. LINK

Clare:  New statement from Oil on the draft oil and gas law

10/31/2023   Baghdad   – Amna Al-Salami

The Ministry of Oil confirmed, today, Tuesday, that the government is proceeding with the approval of the oil and gas law, while indicating that its approval is subject to consensus.

 The ministry’s spokesman, Asim Jihad, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The ministry prepared the oil and gas law and submitted it to the government, and this law was discussed by the concerned authorities and the team formed by the regional government,” stressing that “the government is committed to approving this law.” Within the current government session, and it is also within the government curriculum.”

He added, “The oil and gas law aims to manage the process of oil wealth in Iraq and achieve fair distribution, and thus achieve optimal investment of national wealth and support economic and sustainable development, as well as support the Iraqi state treasury. Therefore, the government and the ministry are continuing to approve this law.”

He explained, “The government has granted a wide space for dialogue regarding the oil and gas law, and the ministry and the government hope that it will be approved,” adding, “All points of view are respected, and we must put the national interest above all considerations.”

 He pointed out, “There were several dialogues that took place between the concerned authorities, but as far as the ministry was concerned, it drafted the law and made the necessary amendments, in a way that serves the public interest. It remains for the government to submit the draft law after agreeing on it to the House of Representatives for approval.”

He pointed out, “The oil and gas law needs consensus to be approved, as the ministry drafted the law and met with the concerned parties. As for the consensual or political aspect, that remains with the concerned parties.”   LINK


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Mnt Goat   Article:  “NEW STATEMENT FROM OIL ON THE DRAFT OIL AND GAS LAW”  Quote:  “the government is committed to approving this law.” Within the current government session, and it is also within the government curriculum.”  This is of course excellent news for us…

Clare  Article:  “Out of 329.. ‘only’ 32 Iraqi parliamentarians signed the closure of the American embassy.. Documents”  Quote:  “32 Iraqi parliamentarians, out of 329 others, submitted a request to the Presidency of Parliament to close the American embassy in Baghdad and expel Ambassador Alina Romanski.


Greg  Mannarino:   10-31-2023


FLASHBACK! Bix Weir & Clif High Explain Bitcoin to the World’s Smartest Gold Bug – Jim Sinclair!


In November 2017 the price of Bitcoin had risen from $1,000 at the beginning of the year to $9,000 by the end of November.

At that time there were many Gold Bugs that were vehemently rejecting Bitcoin and many had turned to their long time gold mentor Jim Sinclair to help educate the crazy Bitcoin lovers.

Bill Holter arranged what was to be an online debate between myself, Clif High & Jim Sinclair but the debate quickly turned into mutual agreement when Jim, being the smartest man in the room, quickly understood that Bitcoin was a stand alone asset with no 3rd party risk.

Jim understood in 10 minutes what many in the Precious Metals sector still can’t after 15 years of Bitcoin thriving!

We lost our friend and mentor Jim Sinclair this year but his legacy survives and thrives in every gold bug and crypto lover’s passion for Stand Alone Assets! Here’s the first 10 minutes of the 2017 debate…