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Al-Sistani: The beginning of the month of Ramadan is today, Tuesday


Al-Sistani: The beginning of the month of Ramadan is today, Tuesday

Najaf – Saadoun Al-Jabri 

The office of the religious authority, Ali al-Sistani, announced that today, Tuesday, is the beginning of the month of Ramadan for the Hijri year 1445. His office indicated in a brief statement that (it has been proven that the sighting of the crescent of the month of Ramadan is established, and that today, Tuesday, is the day of the holy month). 

The Sunni Endowment Office had announced at a time that yesterday, Monday, was the first day of the month of Ramadan. Meanwhile, the Sultanate of Oman, Jordan, Morocco, Libya, Iran, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore confirmed that yesterday, Monday, is the completion of the month of Shaban, making the first day of fasting today, Tuesday, due to the inability to see the crescent moon last Sunday evening. 

The countries of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Qatar, the Emirates and Turkey announced the start of fasting yesterday, Monday.     LINK

Ariel (@Prolotario1): Powell Confirms “Nowhere Near Launching CBDC”


No CBDC: I Told You All Of This Last Year “Fed Chair Jerome Powell has confirmed to the Senate Banking Committee that the Federal Reserve currently has no plans to launch a central bank digital currency (CBDC), alleviating concerns over privacy and government surveillance.” 

 “During the hearing on Thursday, Powell emphasized that the Fed’s focus remains on maintaining the current banking system structure, where only banks hold accounts with the Fed.” End quote.

Ariel: Now do you all see how far ahead you are on this account? How many times have I repeatedly informed you all on why this would never happen? Remember, you all were supposed to be in lockdowns/Quarantine for atleast 13-15 years. You would have been forced to use CBDC under the vaccine mandates. 

Guess what? The mandates are lifted and you are still using paper currency.


Courtesy of Dinar Guru:  https://www.dinarguru.com/

Militia Man  This is fascinating because this is coming from the Iraqi government today in the same context of Al-Sudani.  Article quote:   “The Iraq government is currently weighing the question of changing the currency so that the official cost of a US dollar will be 1.32 Iraqi dinars instead of 1320.  Implementing such a decision is likely to significantly increase Al-Sudani’s popularity.”  You think!?  Bring the purchasing power of $0.76 – that’s what it equates to…deleting the zeros just like we’ve been talking about.

Article:  “Coordination Framework seeks early election to curb al-Sudani’s growing popularity: analysis”  Quote:  “The Iraqi government is currently weighing the question of changing the currency so that the official cost of a US dollar will be 1.32 Iraqi dinars instead of 1,320 dinars.”  Now do you understand why they left it at 1320 even though we suggested that they would take it to 1200 or 1000?  

BRICS Expansion: Another African Country to join the bloc!

Fastepo:  3-11-2024

BRICS to expand further by joining another country from global south. As stated by Foreign Minister Yusuf Tuggar, Nigeria is considering joining BRICS.

After the expansion in 2024 to include Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, and Egypt, the BRICS bloc has seen significant growth in its economic and demographic footprint globally. The combined GDP of the expanded BRICS now represents about 36% of the global GDP, indicating a substantial increase in the bloc’s economic power.

This enlargement has not only bolstered BRICS’ share of global GDP but also expanded its influence in terms of population, with the bloc now encompassing around 47% of the world’s population.Incorporating Nigeria into BRICS would significantly amplify the bloc’s demographic and strategic advantage.

With Nigeria’s population of 230 million, it stands as Africa’s most populous nation. This addition would propel BRICS’ representation to encompass over half of the global population, marking a substantial increase in its collective influence. Moreover, the inclusion of these new members has positioned BRICS as a formidable entity in the global oil market, controlling about 43.1% of global oil production.

This strategic dominance in oil production is largely attributed to the addition of leading oil exporters like Saudi Arabia. The expansion also enhances BRICS’ role in global trade, with its share of global exports rising to 25.1%, showcasing the bloc’s growing significance in international commerce.