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Henig:  Việt Nam’s exports surge 42% in January

February 10, 2024 – 14:29

Việt Nam’s exports reached nearly US$33.6 billion in January, a 42 per cent surge over the same period last year and the highest level since April 2022.

HCM CITY — Việt Nam’s exports reached nearly US$33.6 billion in January, a 42 per cent surge over the same period last year and the highest level since April 2022.

According to a report by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Việt Nam’s total imports and exports of goods in the first month surpassed $64 billion, up 38 per cent year-on-year.

The surge in exports was mainly driven by the agriculture-forestry-fisheries, and processing industries, which increased nearly 97 per cent and 38 per cent, respectively.

The export of phones and components also rose by over 56 per cent to nearly $6 billion in January.

Việt Nam’s agricultural products maintained their strong export performance, with coffee prices surging by more than 35 per cent and rice prices escalating by 33.5 per cent year-on-year.

The US remained Việt Nam’s largest export market, with recorded imports of $9.6 billion, while traditional export markets such as China, the EU, and ASEAN also showed growth.

Việt Nam’s imports in January totaled more than $30.6 billion, with China remaining the largest exporter at nearly $11 billion.

The trade balance continued to exhibit a surplus of $2.9 billion, with significant surpluses with the US and China.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade anticipated challenges for this year’s exports due to increased transport costs and escalating political tensions in the world.

The ministry plans to focus on stimulating domestic consumption, promoting production, and monitoring market developments to avoid shortages or disruptions in the supply of goods. — VNS   LINK


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Mnt Goat   I can tell you there is only going to be one more final adjustment to the IQD rate inside the country of Iraq from the 1320 close to 1000 or less (1 dinar = 1 USD) (must be just over $1). At this time, the CBI will kick off the Project to Delete the Zeros. Did this happen yet? NO!  It has not but we can see that the official rate is fluctuating from the 1320 as high as 1310 and 1300 some days. This is all good news… this rate will be temporary rate just until the new reinstated rate shows up on FOREX.  [Post 1 of 2….stay tuned]

Mnt Goat  We are now looking for this rate change as the CBIs’ next move. Yes, this will be their next move. NO! There is not going to be any Reinstatement until this part of the plan is completed …The good news is that this final rate change must be getting close at hand as my CBI contact informed us last week…that someone on the committee team was tasked to supply the IT people with a good set of pictures of the lower denominations along with the coins and a written explanation of how the conversion would work from the three zero notes…keep that champagne ready!  [Post 2 of 2]



Al-Sudani: The opening of the book fair is a message that Iraq is in a state of recovery

Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani during the opening of the Iraq International Book Fair:

 The opening of the exhibition is a message that Iraq is in a state of recovery

Supportive of these activities

The opening of the exhibition under the slogan “It has become called Palestine” is a sign of solidarity with the Palestinian people

 We contributed to supporting many different cultural events  link


Greg Mannarino:  2-14-2024


BAD NEWS FOR POWELL: Latest Inflation Numbers Increase, Fed’s Pivot Is Unlikely Any Time Soon

Lena Petrova:  2-14-2024