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Clare:  Al-Sudani directs the suspension of official working hours on October 3


Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani directed that official working hours be suspended on the occasion of National Day.

A brief statement received by Shafaq News Agency stated: Al-Sudani directed the closure on Tuesday, 10/3/2023, in all ministries and state institutions, in celebration of the National Day of the Republic of Iraq.

The Iraqi National Day is a day that was proposed in 2008 to be made a national day that falls on October 3, to commemorate the day of Iraq’s declaration of independence from the British Mandate and its joining the League of the United Nations, and that independence was on October 3, 1932.   LINK


Clare:  “Within 72 hours.” Al-Shammari reveals procedures and proposals regarding the dollar


 The political advisor to the Prime Minister, Fadi Al-Shammari, revealed proposals that the government will present regarding the dollar within the next 72 hours.

Al-Shammari said in a television interview this evening, followed by {Al-Furat News}: “The dollar file is a complex file and needs time to regulate the exchange rate, but government measures are moving in the right direction.”
He added, “The Central Bank of Iraq is embarking on a set of measures to control small traders and their commercial exchange, as they constitute 40% of market traders.”

Al-Shammari noted that, “Within 72 hours, papers and proposals will be presented regarding the dollar after an extensive meeting of the Prime Minister with Iraqi financial institutions.”

He continued, “There is a serious discussion between the government and the Central Bank with the Iranian side to search for alternatives to trade in the dollar,” denying “the presence of American pressure or punitive attempts against Iraq because of the dollar.”

He noted, “There are commitments to standards in the exit and sale of the dollar, and this requires time and the market to adapt to them.”

He revealed that “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s scheduled visit to Iraq is linked to completing the development road project procedures.”  LINK


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Frank26   Article:  “Al-Sudani directs the suspension of official working hours on October 3”  IMPORTANT DATES BETWEEN THE 28TH AND THE 8TH… INDEPENDENCE DAY HAS NO SANCTIONS IN IT!

Nader From The Mid East  What I saw today made me believe I am sure we are independent.  Sudani tells the whole country on the 3rd of October for Independence Day.  That means the war is ended guys.  That’s good news.  Remember I told you, wait till the war is finished.  Wait till they announce no more war.  They did it today by saying the 3rd will be our first Independence Day.

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Nader:  9-27-2023

Woow love this article exchange rate again

Nader:  9-27-2023