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Integrity announces the recovery of $1.5 million, one billion dinars, and gold coins


Today, Saturday, the head of the Federal Integrity Commission, Haider Hanoun, announced the recovery of more than 1.5 million dollars and about one billion Iraqi dinars and gold coins, while revealing a draft agreement to coordinate work with the Integrity Commission in the Kurdistan region.

Hanoun said, in a statement followed by Al-Iqtisad News, that “the authority recovered some amounts in cash, some of them were prevented from being wasted, and others are in the process of being recovered,” pointing out that “some amounts are in Iraqi currency, and others are in dollars.”

He added, “During our annual conference tomorrow, Sunday, we will display a recovered amount of more than one and a half million US dollars, as well as amounts in Iraqi currency of up to one billion dinars, and other amounts, in addition to gold coins.”

He pointed out that “the Integrity Commission coordinates work with the Kurdistan Region Integrity Commission, and there is a draft agreement to coordinate joint work, and Integrity as a federal body supervises all governorates,” stressing that “the financial disclosure of officials includes all Iraqi officials and employees.”

Hanoun called on the Integrity Commission in the Kurdistan Region to “assist with arrest warrants and financial disclosures for officials, so that the Federal Authority can audit them like all officials,” stressing that “everyone is subject to the law.”   LINK



Distribution of approximately 6,600 plots of land among employees of the Basra Oil Company

3/8/3034    Baghdad

Today, Friday, Oil Minister Hayyan Abdul-Ghani announced the distribution of 6,598 plots of land among employees of the Basra Oil Company.

A statement from the ministry received by “Al-Iqtisad News” stated that “Abdul Ghani stressed, during the ceremony of distributing land plot bonds to a number of employees of the Basra Oil Company, the keenness of the government and the ministry to provide a free and dignified life for employees of the oil sector who continue day and night in order to sustain and increase oil production and investment.” Optimum for this wealth, in support of the national economy.”

The Minister of Oil added: “Today we have reaped the fruits of sincere efforts over the past period to obtain this large area of land in cooperation with the governorate administration and the concerned authorities to transform it into residential plots of land, and to transform the dream into reality, and ink on paper into reality on the ground, and here we are today.

” We are with you to fulfill what we promised you, and we will not stop there. Rather, we are moving forward to achieve our goal for all workers in oil companies to obtain their entitlement to secure a decent life for them.”

He pointed out that “the total number of residential plots of (Al-Biban) lands that were sorted in the Shatt al-Arab district reached (6598) plots, with (120) plots that conflict with the prohibitions of electricity towers – high voltage (132) V.K. A committee is working to follow up on land ownership.” (Al-Biban) decided to resolve this by approaching the concerned authorities by asking the Electricity Department to remove the encroaching towers.

The committee also approached the Shatt al-Arab Municipality to appropriate the canceled railways that pass through (Al-Biban) District, which is affiliated with the Basra Oil Company. If approval is obtained, it will be added. Approximately (420) residential plots, in addition to the completion of all real estate bonds issued in the name of the Basra Oil Company, and the First Real Estate Registration Department in Basra has expressed its readiness to receive the transactions of the beneficiaries of the Basra Oil Company.”

Abdul-Ghani noted “coordination with the Basra Governorate administration to allocate (40) thousand plots of land for distribution to workers in oil companies in the governorate,” stressing: “Since we assumed the responsibility of the ministry, we have been keen to pay attention to the segment of employees and provide them with the requirements of a decent life, especially the distribution of plots of land.” And residential complexes, and we stressed the inclusion of all workers in the oil sector in accordance with the applicable controls and contexts.”

The Minister of Oil instructed “the administrations of oil companies to expedite the resolution of the issue of lands for affiliates in coordination with the governorate administrations,” indicating that he is “personally following up on this issue, which falls within the priorities of the government and the ministry.”

For his part, the Director General of the Basra Oil Company, Bassem Abdul Karim, extended his “thanks and appreciation to the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and the Minister of Oil for his efforts, endeavors and follow-up in obtaining these lands for the company’s employees,” stressing that “this represents an incentive to provide more work and giving in service of the public interest.” .LINK


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Sandy Ingram   Vietnam Dong (VND):  The reason for such a low rate is the transition from a centralized economy to a market-based one…We learned [Vietnam had] over 3 million international arrivals in the first 2 months of 2024, an increase of 68.7% year-on-year according to data released by The General Statistics Office.

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The Banking Industry & Corporations Explode Into Chaos, As New U.S. Laws Just Passed

Atlantis Report:  3-9-2024

The U.S. banking industry and corporations are currently struggling with an unusual crisis brought about by a new law launched by the Biden administration.

These laws have significantly overhauled the rules and regulations governing the financial sector. They also present considerable challenges and risks for banks and corporations, requiring adherence to stricter standards and exposing them to harsher penalties and liabilities.

This legislation has triggered varied reactions from stakeholders, resulting in chaos and uncertainty within the financial sector.