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RMF:  Just thinking out loud.  If I remember right Parliament passed the 2024 Budget Schedules on 5/3/24.  Then the Budget went directly to the Gazette on the 4th. 

 Now we know that if not signed it goes into effect automatically 15 days later…which takes us to the 20th of June…the stuff dreams are made of.

Always hopeful and believing this may be the month the people and investors have something to celebrate.   

Of course any day would be just fine to wake up and find that I can stop worrying about paying my bills. etc.


 Reconstructing Iraq: The role of banks in financing the future


Reconstructing Iraq after years of wars and conflicts represents a great challenge, but it also represents an opportunity to rebuild a strong and sustainable economy.

Banks play a crucial role in financing reconstruction, by providing the loans and credit facilities necessary to finance construction and infrastructure projects.

The Iraqi Deposit Insurance Company played an important role in enhancing the confidence of investors and depositors in the Iraqi banking system, which made it easier for banks to obtain the necessary financing for reconstruction. It is estimated that Iraqi banks have provided loans worth more than $10 billion to finance reconstruction projects in recent years.

Germany’s experience after World War II is an inspiring example of how banks can play a crucial role in the country’s reconstruction. The KfW German Development Bank has contributed to financing many vital projects in Germany, such as rebuilding industrial and residential infrastructure, and providing financing for small and medium-sized companies.   LINK



Al-Lami chairs the meeting of the Supreme Committee for Press Day celebrations


Today, Saturday, the head of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, Muayyad Al-Lami, chaired the meeting of the Supreme Committee for Press Day celebrations, while stressing the importance of showing the bright image of Iraq to the delegations that will visit Iraq.

The union stated, in a statement, a copy of which was received by {Al-Furat News}, that “Al-Lami chaired the meeting of the Supreme Committee charged with preparing for the celebrations of the National Day of the Iraqi Press on its 155th anniversary, reviewing before the members of the Supreme Committee assigned by the Prime Minister the union’s procedures regarding the invitation Hosting delegations and personalities from various countries of the world, which include Arab and foreign ministers of culture and information, heads of Arab media institutions, and international organizations concerned with journalism and media.

She added, “The meeting reviewed the preparation of all logistical and technical requirements for holding the celebrations, most notably the preparation for the central celebration that will be held in the Al-Zawraa Hall of the Al-Rashid Hotel on the morning of Sunday, June 30, under the auspices of the Prime Minister, the celebratory festival of the union’s branches in the governorates, which will be held in the gardens of Abu Nawas Street, and the public celebration in the center.”

Cultural and social activities, One Thousand and One Nights, as well as hosting meetings of the General Secretariat of the Arab Journalists Union.”

The union continued, “The meeting discussed the facilities that the supporting bodies represented by a number of ministries and other departments will provide to make this national celebration a success,” noting, “The meeting included representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Interior, Culture, Transport, the Intelligence Service, the Baghdad Operations Command, the Baghdad Municipality, and the Iraqi Media Network, in addition to members.” Union Council.

Al-Lami stressed “the importance of showing the bright image of Iraq and the major reconstruction campaign that the country is witnessing in front of the Arab and foreign media delegations that will participate with the journalistic family in its celebrations this year of the National Day of the Iraqi Press, which represent more than (50) countries around the world.”    LINK

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Mnt Goat  The electronic systems are taking hold…This will allow the shrinkage/withdrawal of the tangible currency notes from the market that is needed in the process to Delete the Zeros…a critical part of it...I can remember hearing as far back as 2010 from Dr Shabibi the importance of the electronic banking effort and its advantages to the process. Yes, they MUST shrink down the currency mass…if you shrink down the monetary mass than what is left will be worth more.

Frank26   [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report] FIREFLY:  Sudani and Alaq…gave us a big speech…He started to compare corruption to terrorism saying we are not in terrorism as bad anymore, more secure, however corruption is still a daily  thing…It is due to a lack of enforcing the anti-corruption law…Sudani said corruption will end and the tools needed will be  utilized to its full maximum capacity to stop this corruption.  FRANK:  He’s trying to explain to you what he promised to you but he’s not going give it to you in this ugly environment…so they can steal it again.


The IQD Wait What’s Taking So Long?

Edu Matrix:  6-9-2024

The IQD Wait: What’s Taking So Long?

 The 2003 Invasion, ISIS, and the Pandemic have all contributed to the delay in the Iraqi Dinar’s increasing value.

 Iraq’s economy got into trouble during the Iran-Iraq eight-year war and has been struggling ever since.