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Purifiers:  Iraqi parliamentarian pushes for an emergency session amid dinar depreciation

Shafaq News/ Lawmaker Mohama Khalil on Saturday said he intends to gather signatures from fellow parliamentarians to convene an emergency session to address the soaring exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar.

Speaking to Shafaq News Agency, Khalil said that “the rise of the dollar against the national currency has negatively impacted the Iraqi landscape, affecting the citizens’ livelihood.”

He noted that it is incumbent upon the government and supervisory authorities to curb the soaring exchange rate of the US dollar, criticizing the parliament for its absenteeism and negligence in addressing this surge.

Khalil stressed that “the government needs to elucidate the reasons behind the dinar depreciation, which is expected to exacerbate, and to devise solutions and strategies in this regard, preventing speculators from exploiting the Iraqi market.”

As Khalil plans to move forward with his initiative, he highlighted his determination to “call upon the parliament speaker, the first and second deputy speakers, and collect signatures of 50 lawmakers to hold an extraordinary session attended by the stakeholders (Finance Minister and the Central Bank Governor), to openly communicate and reveal to the people the reasons behind the dollar’s ascent against the Iraqi currency,” before the parliamentary session scheduled for the coming Monday.



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Frank26   You have Iraq, Iran, the CBI official, US Treasury all in one room that doesn’t make any sense unless you have have interest in changing the exchange rate and adding value to the Iraqi currency because there’s security and stability in Iraq and it’s all because Iran finally conceded, ‘we give up’.  

Militia Man  We’re in such a good space I can’t contain the excitement because what we’ve seen in the last 96 hours.  There’s nothing but powerful information from Al-Sudani, we have the US Treasury Assistant showing up…big companies…Stellar Energy…Total…Barzani being tickled pink because they’ve signed agreements.  We have a change of pace


Greg Mannarino:  9-17-2023

This Major Currency Collapse Threatens To Unleash Economic Hell

Sean Foo:  9-17-2023

The Japanese Yen is collapsing and this threatens to take down the US economy. Inflation in Japan is getting out of control as real wages collapse and this is due to a horrific Yen crisis.

It has collapsed against the dollar and the collateral damage could shake the foundations of the US bond market and its economy!

Timestamps & Chapters:

 0:00 The Yen Is Collapsing

 2:33 Japan’s Silent Inflation Hell

5:33 Japanese Panic Buying Gold

7:51 The Most Dangerous Pivot

10:29 U.S. Implosion Risk