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Clare:  The Territory Commercial Bank announces financing Iraq’s trade with India in rupees

2/27/2024  Baghdad

The Territory Commercial Bank announced financing trade between Iraq and India in the rupee currency.

The bank said in a press statement, “We announce the launch of a pioneering initiative to enhance trade exchange between Iraq and India, where trading partners can now conduct their financial transactions in the Indian rupee. This step aims to facilitate and accelerate commercial operations between the two countries by providing simplified and effective financial solutions.”

He added, “Within the framework of this initiative, the Territory Commercial Bank opened an account in Indian rupees with DBS Bank in New Delhi, which allows cross-border financial transactions to be carried out more easily and efficiently. This transformation aims to eliminate the challenges related to currency exchange and reduce transaction costs and the time required to complete them.” “This will reflect positively on the efficiency of trade between Iraq and India.”

The bank indicated that we assure our customers that all transactions in the Indian rupee will be conducted in accordance with the laws and directives set by the Central Bank of Iraq, to ensure complete safety and transparency in all operations.

The bank called on companies operating in the field of trade between Iraq and India to benefit from this service, which provides them with the opportunity to improve efficiency and reduce costs.   LINK

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 Al-Atwani calls on the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to provide the necessary support to Iraq

2/26/2024  Baghdad – 

Chairman of the Finance Committee, Representative Atwan Al-Atwani, called on the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to provide the necessary support to Iraq in the areas of exchanging experiences and training national cadres.

 The media office of the Chairman of the Finance Committee stated in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “The Chairman of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Atwan Al-Atwani, participated this evening, Monday, via closed-circuit television, in the deliberative meeting of the International Monetary Fund regarding the financial and economic situation in Iraq.”  

He added, “Al-Atwani provided a complete briefing on the financial and economic situation and the provisions and programs included in the tripartite budget law for the years (2023-2025) that are consistent with the government program to advance various sectors, activate the private sector, encourage investment, and support investors, in order to achieve sustainable development.” 

Al-Atwani stressed, according to the statement, that “approving the tripartite budget gave the government great comfort in terms of contracting, implementing projects, and attracting foreign companies to implement major projects,” pointing out that “the Finance Committee, through monitoring spending and financing and implementing plans and programs, seeks integration between the legislative and executive authorities.” Because we want this government to succeed, especially since it is taking steady steps towards achieving the aspirations of the people.” 

Al-Atwani pointed out that “the National Service Government is serious about moving the wheel of the economy and development and has ambitious programs to advance various productive sectors and maximize non-oil revenues, to leave the state of excessive dependence on oil in forming the general budget.” 

Al-Atwani concluded his participation by calling on the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to provide the necessary support. For Iraq in the areas of exchanging experiences and training national cadres, to develop our banking system, especially as we are moving towards activating the digital financial dealing system and automating taxes, customs and other service sectors that generate financial revenues for the state.  LINK


Clare:  The World Trade Organization approves new rules to facilitate the exchange of services


On Tuesday, the World Trade Organization approved new rules to facilitate the exchange of services between more than 70 of its member countries, despite initial objection from India and South Africa.

 The European Union said in a statement that the agreement will contribute, by facilitating administrative mechanisms and technical rules, to reducing the costs of global trade in services by more than $119 billion every year, according to Agence France-Presse.

 In turn, European Trade Commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis explained, during the thirteenth Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization held in Abu Dhabi, that “reaching this result and integrating it into the World Trade Organization was not an easy matter.”

He added, “We faced opposition from two members of the organization, but the ‘spirit of compromise’ removed the obstacles in the end,” without naming the two countries.

For her part, the Director-General of the Nigerian organization, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, thanked “India and South Africa for finding a way forward.”

The value of global services exports is estimated at more than $6.5 trillion, representing 23% of total global trade, according to the European Union.

The new WTO agreement applies to the 71 member states that have signed it – representing 92% of global trade in services – but businesses from other member states can benefit from it too.

China, the United States, and the European Union are among the signatories to the agreement, while India and South Africa have not signed it.

Costa Rican Foreign Trade Minister Manuel Tover, whose country led the negotiations on the agreement, considered it an “important stage” for the member states of the organization.

“This is the first result achieved by the WTO in the field of services in more than 25 years. It is a real success story for this organization,” he said.  LINK


Clare:  The Minister of Commerce discusses with the Director of the International Trade Center the formula for joint action and support for Iraq to obtain membership in the WTO


Today, Monday, in Abu Dhabi, the Minister of Commerce, Atheer Daoud Al-Ghurairi, discussed with Pamela Cook-Hamilton, Executive Director of the International Trade Center ITC in Geneva, the formula for joint action, supporting Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization, and strengthening the capabilities of the administrative staff on the economic and commercial tracks.

During the meeting, the Minister stressed the Iraqi government’s desire to integrate into the global multilateral trading system to stimulate and revitalize the role of the Iraqi economy by supporting reforms and legislation to be consistent with the market system and enhancing the country’s economic capabilities.

Minister Al-Ghurairi pointed out that we in Iraq need to focus support in intensifying training and capacity building to create models from a generation of trained employees who are aware of the vision of the principles and concepts of the market economy to be qualified to lead the next stage in light of the government’s approach to this aspect.

Al-Ghurairi continued by saying: We are happy to work with your team and the support provided to complete the files required for Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization, stressing the desire to benefit from the capabilities of the center and its training institute to train and create a diplomatic, commercial generation.

For her part, the Director of the Trade Center expressed readiness to provide more support to Iraq to fulfill the requirements of the next stage in building and strengthening the capabilities of the new generation in accordance with market standards to achieve sustainable development goals and develop the institutional capabilities of the relevant ministries, in addition to strengthening the capabilities of the private sector and small and medium enterprises and supporting youth projects.

And increase their skills, stressing the center’s commitment to Iraq in providing all the support and technical assistance it needs, along with the continuity of joint cooperation, in a way that serves the directions of the Ministry of Commerce in strengthening its work in formulating economic and trade policy. LINK

Clare:  The Minister of Commerce stresses the necessity of activating the joint committee between Iraq and Malta

2/27/2024   Baghdad

On Tuesday, Minister of Commerce Atheer Daoud Al-Ghurairi stressed the Iraqi government’s directions to expand and develop economic and trade relations at all levels with all countries of the world, while indicating the necessity of working to activate the joint committee emerging from the agreement signed between Iraq and Malta in 1985.  LINK


Clare:  The Minister of Commerce discusses in Abu Dhabi with the World Trade Organization the completion of procedures for Iraq to join the organization


The Minister of Commerce, Atheer Al-Ghurairi, met in Abu Dhabi with Assistant Director-General of the World Trade Organization, Zunk Shank Shank, and discussed with him the completion of Iraq’s procedures to complete the required files, support reforms and legislation to be consistent with the market system, and strengthen the country’s economic capabilities to complete the requirements of the next stage of the accession process.

The Minister stressed in a statement, “the keenness of the working group on accession to continue by strengthening cooperation with the organization’s accession department and the head of the working group, Saudi Ambassador Saqr al-Muqbel, whose recent visit to Iraq provided great support for the efforts and steps taken by the national committee concerned with accession, which he chaired, to complete all requirements in a way that achieves Iraq’s integration into the multilateral trading system.

During the meeting, the minister stressed “the hope that the efforts of the organization’s working group will focus on supporting the accession of important countries, including Iraq.”

Al-Ghurairi continued, “The Iraqi government, within its government program and the measures it took to raise the level of draft laws and support the role of the private sector, recorded international signals of its endeavor and eagerness to return to the economic system due to its geographical and economic importance in the region.”

For his part, the Assistant Director General of the organization confirmed, “The organization is looking forward to and following the steps for Iraq’s accession carefully, given that Iraq is one of the important and powerful economies that is still outside the organization, and that Iraq’s presence within the organization’s membership will be a great added value to the organization and to the global economy.”

He praised the advanced stages accomplished by the Ministry of Commerce in terms of completing and submitting the technical files on goods and services in trade, which will speed up the holding of the third round of negotiations, wishing for the continuity and continuity of momentum and work to complete the requirements for accession, amend the required laws and legislation, and complete the technical files within their specified timing, as the team will present We support him to complete his journey to join and we celebrate him in the next ministerial meeting of the organization.”   LINK


Clare:  Parliamentary agreement with the European Union mission: European financial and banking institutions are preparing to invest in Iraq


The Parliamentary Investment and Development Committee agreed, with the European Union mission in Iraq, on a number of economic files, while the European mission revealed new financial and banking projects to work in Iraq.

The head of the committee, Representative Hassan Al-Khafaji, said in a joint press conference today, Tuesday, “We hosted the European Union ambassador to discuss a number of files related to new legislation. We also agreed to cooperate to combat corruption, and to work together to allow European companies to enter the Iraqi local market, exchange economic and commercial experiences, and open new European factories.” In Iraq and refining the capabilities of Iraqi competencies in various fields.

He added, “We asked the European side to open a permanent office and headquarters inside Iraq because they currently have no headquarters except inside the British Embassy. We also asked to open banking branches in Iraq that finance industrial and investment projects, with full support provided by the government and the House of Representatives in matters of reconstruction, investment, and loans.” He pointed out that there are currently joint projects in Baghdad, Babylon, and Karbala, where the European Union is interested in infrastructure. He

continued to say, “We requested funding for many projects, especially with Iraq’s accession to the International Arbitration Organization and the vote on the partnership law between the private and public sectors, which allows foreign companies to enter.” And to work in Iraq and participate with the private sector for reconstruction and building the new Iraq. We also agreed on unified action to bring in reputable companies similar to companies operating in the Middle East and international companies that contributed to building Iraq’s factories during the era of the eighties and seventies.

In turn, Ambassador Thomas Seller said, “We met with Parliamentary Investment and Development Committee: As a European Union mission, we concluded that the European Union must make more efforts for European companies to invest in Iraq, and we must work together to provide the conditions that enable Europe to invest more in Iraq.”

He added, “We discussed the legislative necessities in order to achieve economic stability in Iraq, as well as investment stability, and these are steps that must be taken by the Iraqi parliament, and there are many laws that support this, including the investment law, the partnership law between the public sector and the private sector, and others, and all of this is part of the trend.” The government aims to combat corruption and support investment and the economy.”

He added, “We discussed many issues and details, and all of these are part of Europe’s interest in the stability of Iraq, because we see that Iraq can play an important central role in the region politically and economically, and in order to achieve this we must talk about developing the European Union’s investment programs, especially the financial and banking institutions, which are The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which we expect will soon come to work in Iraq, as well as the European Investment Bank, which is concerned with providing loans and expertise to support infrastructure projects.”

He explained, “This matter requires a lot of continuous work, but we have committed ourselves to working in this aspect for the benefit of the Iraqi citizen, and we will cooperate with the local authorities to achieve this.” LINK