KTFA – Some “Monday News” Posted by Clare at KTFA 6-3-2024


Clare:  Parliament votes on the 2024 budget schedules


The Iraqi Parliament voted today, Monday, on the budget schedules for the current year, 2024.

The hours before the vote witnessed controversy within the Parliamentary Finance Committee, as votes were taken twice on the budget tables due to disagreements.

And earlier; Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Saad Al-Tobi, confirmed that the committee voted on the federal budget schedules for the year 2024 without making changes to them, indicating that two trillion dinars had been allocated for transfer between the exchange doors.  LINK

DeepWoodzWe have a quorum and a vote. Confirmation that they are all ready to spend spend spend. 

Clare: Al-Mandalawi after voting on the budget tables: Parliament will follow up on disbursing the specified financial amounts


The Acting Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Mohsen Al-Mandalawi, congratulated the approval of the federal general budget schedules for the current year, stressing that the presidency made great efforts with the Parliamentary Finance Committee to expedite its completion and vote on it during the current legislative term, due to its importance in terms of its direct connection to the lives of citizens and its relevance. The document includes strategic, investment and service projects.

Al-Mandalawi said after the end of the voting session on the budget schedules: The House of Representatives will continue to exercise its oversight role to follow up on the disbursement of financial sums according to the specified schedules, and will not allow the people’s money to be lost or wasted, while he expressed his support for the government to continue implementing its reform and service program, and to complete the process of construction, progress, and achieving what is achieved. Dear citizens look forward to it.

The Acting Speaker of the House of Representatives appreciated the great role of the presidency and members of the Parliamentary Finance Committee in discussing and completing the federal general budget schedules for the year 2024, while expressing his thanks to the ladies and gentlemen of the House of Representatives for their valuable suggestions and their keenness to attend and vote on the budget schedules.  LINK


Clare:  The Central Bank of Iraq stops 200 companies from dealing in dollars



Documents issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, obtained by “Baghdad Today”, today, Monday (June 3, 2024), showed a decision to stop 200 exchange and general trading companies from entering the currency auction without explaining the reasons.

To view the list of suspended companies, click here.     LINK


Clare: After approving the budget… Al-Sudani sends a message


Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani blessed, today, Monday, what he described as the “responsible step” of the House of Representatives, represented in approving the 2024 budget schedules.

Al-Sudani expressed his thanks and appreciation for the efforts of the Presidency of the House of Representatives, the political forces, the parliamentary committees, and the Finance Committee, Which completed the government effort, and what had previously been approved by the Council of Ministers, represented by the budget schedules (A, B, C, D, E, F).

Al-Sudani reiterated his emphasis on “continuing to implement the government program, which received the vote of the House of Representatives and the support of the political forces, in order to complete the goals and implement the priorities that represent, above all, the aspirations and demands of our Iraqi people that they wish the government to fulfill.”

The Prime Minister called on the House of Representatives and the provincial councils to “strengthen the government’s work by following up on the legislative and oversight efforts, which our government institutions, with all their arms and bodies, view as support for their work, a course correction, and a guarantee against corruption, deviation, and failure.” LINK

Clare: The Sudanese financial advisor reveals the date of the government’s implementation of the budget schedules


A financial advisor to Prime Minister Mazhar Muhammad Saleh revealed the date for the government’s implementation of the financial budget schedules for 2024 approved by the House of Representatives today, Monday.

Mazhar Muhammad Saleh told {Al-Furat News} agency, “Based on the effective constitutional path in issuing legislation, the start of the official implementation of the federal general budget schedules must be accompanied by its approval by the House of Representatives, based on the provisions of Article 77/Second of the Federal General Budget Law No. 13.” For the year 2023 (the tripartite budget), if that approval in the House of Representatives takes the form of (the law) or the form of the amendment to Law No. 13 of 2023 referred to above,

Then those amendments to the original law or the wording of the tables as a new law must in all cases be approved by chance.

The President of the Republic, and then it will be published in the Official Gazette so that the legal procedures can complete all their prescribed paths.”

He pointed out, “After that, the implementation or application phase begins immediately unless there are instructions for implementing the federal general budget schedules for the year 2024, which may be issued by joint instructions between the Ministries of Finance and Planning.”

Saleh continued, “Despite this, the important aspect remains that the budget tables for the year 2024 are approved by the legislative authority and are accepted by legislators in the House of Representatives, and then the financial table for the year 2024 is issued and approved under any form of legislation in force, whether issued by a new law or a legislative decision.” .

Ragheed   LINK


Margarita:  Soooo maybe when it is published in the gazzette we get the rate change?  i mean frank said  it is a line item right?

BuckEyeTree:  If I remember correctly from the past, the Gazette is published on Wednesdays and Saturdays in Iraq. Frank is to have next UB2B on Wednesday.

Maybe that is just a coincidence, unless Frank needs to do a short sooner. You never how quickly things may happen in a good way with Sudani at the helm.


Clare:  Parliamentary Finance for Nina: We approved the budget schedules as received from the government, except for the governorate allocations.


The Parliamentary Finance Committee announced that the schedules of the general budget law will be passed as soon as a quorum is reached in the House of Representatives session scheduled to be held this evening, Monday.

The Vice Chairman of the Committee, Ahmed Mazhar al-Jubouri, stated in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency ( NINA ) that “the Parliamentary Finance Committee met yesterday in the presence of most of its members,” 17 members representing the “Progress, Determination, Sovereignty, and Kurdish blocs,” and representatives of the coordination framework for the Asaib, Badr, and Sindh + 2 blocs in Hajj. The rest did not come.”

He explained, “The committee voted absolutely on the general budget schedules after adding 2 trillion dinars to the governorates to be distributed according to population proportions.”

He added, “The tables have been completed and we have submitted the final version to the Presidency of the House of Representatives for a vote on it in today’s session, Monday,” noting that “Article 77 of the General Budget Law stipulates that the House of Representatives only approves the tables, and there is no so-called technical report for the committee on the general budget tables, other than “It’s a novelty.”

He continued to say, “The parliamentary committee, in agreement with the government, obligated the government to transfer an amount of two trillion dinars, and it is the one that determines the doors for the transfer” to the government, “and after the allocations to the governorates were 1.5 trillion dinars now, it has become 3.5 trillion dinars, which will be distributed according to the population proportions of the governorates.”

We continued: “We voted on the tables as sent by the government. We only addressed the problem of governorate allocations, but the rest of the paragraphs proceeded as they were received from the government.”

Al-Jubouri confirmed, “The Finance Committee has completed its work technically, and will present the budget tables to the House of Representatives to vote on them or not,” noting that “the budget tables will be passed as soon as a quorum is reached within the House of Representatives session, and there is no new meeting of the committee related to voting on the budget tables.”    LINK