KTFA – Some “Saturday News” Posted by Clare at KTFA 12-9-2023


Clare:  The Central Bank of Iraq refutes accusations of the disappearance of large amounts of local currency

December 09, 2023

Today, Saturday, the Central Bank of Iraq refuted the alleged accusations of the disappearance of large amounts of Iraqi currency and their smuggling to some neighboring countries, indicating that the quantities of Iraqi currency are printed according to the needs of the Iraqi economy and within strict standards.

The Central Bank noted that the issuance of Emaar bonds (the first issue), which were sold in full, was according to the needs of the Ministry of Finance and what was stipulated in the General Budget Law.

The Central Bank of Iraq stressed that it is the only institution in Iraq that is subject to audits of its accounts and operations from four parties: the Office of Financial Supervision, an international auditing company, a committee of external auditors, and the Internal Audit Department.

The bank pointed out that making accusations without providing any evidence to confirm them calls into question the intentions and aim of harming the state’s economic interests, stressing its legal right to prosecute anyone who promotes such accusations.

 Central Bank of Iraq 
Information Office 
9 – December 2023



Clare:  Iraq offers Qatar investment opportunities in more than 7 sectors


The Chairman of the National Investment Authority, Haider Muhammad Makkiya, discussed developing the horizons of joint cooperation in the investment sector with the Qatari Minister of Trade and Industry, Muhammad bin Hamad bin Qassim Al Thani.

Makiya stressed, according to a statement from his office, a copy of which {Al-Furat News} received, “the importance of bridging investment relations with the State of Qatar, in order to achieve economic integration in the development of major vital projects.”
The head of the National Authority reviewed the opportunities available in Baghdad and the governorates, distributed across all sectors, including residential, industrial, transportation, railways, renewable energy, agriculture, and others.

The meeting discussed mechanisms for increasing areas of cooperation between the two countries in strategic project sectors that constitute a priority in Iraqi society.

For his part, theQatari Minister of Trade and Industry expressed his country’s readiness to cooperate in supporting the private sector in Iraq, through incentives, legislation, and promising and purposeful opportunities to encourage investors, businessmen, and company owners to Investment in the two countries.   LINK


Clare:  Iraq and France are discussing enhancing economic cooperation and developing trade exchange

12/8/2023  Baghdad 

The Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce discussed with its French counterpart the strengthening of economic cooperation between the two countries.

The Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce stated in a statement received by Mawazine News, “The President of the Iraqi Chambers of Commerce, Abdul Razzaq Al-Zuhairi, held a meeting with the Federation of French Chambers of Commerce (CCIF) and the representative of the French Business Center, in the presence of the Iraqi Ambassador to Paris, Wadih Batti, and the Vice President of the Council of State.” Abdul Latif Nayef, and a number of officials from both sides.”

The statement added, “The meeting discussed ways to enhance the prospects for economic cooperation and develop trade relations to serve the interests of both countries.”
The Iraqi Ambassador, Wadih Batti, spoke about “expanding the horizons of cooperation and partnership between the two sides, and called for holding a specialized symposium at the embassy headquarters between Iraqi and French businessmen, sponsored by the embassy, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the signing of the strategic partnership agreement between Iraq and France.”

In turn, the head of the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce, Abdul Razzaq Al-Zuhairi, called for “framing this cooperation with a memorandum of understanding, and providing support to open an office for the French Business Center in Baghdad.”

The French side expressed “their interest in the ideas presented, and expressed their readiness to work and expand the horizons of cooperation.”

The two parties decided, according to the statement, “to form a joint committee to follow up on the implementation of the results of the meeting and prepare the proposed memorandum of understanding.”  LINK

Clare:  Federal Integrity The US Department of Justice hands over the names of defendants residing in the United States


The head of the Federal Integrity Commission, Haider Hanoun, handed over to the American side a file containing requests for legal assistance and a list of defendants and convicts residing within American territory who are wanted by the Iraqi side.

A statement from the commission, a copy of which {Al-Furat News} received, stated: “This came during a meeting with the head of the commission with integrity experts in the US Department of Justice, where the two sides discussed forming committees between the two parties to study the files through joint experts from the commission and the American side on common issues, and then Referring the case to the judiciary if the committee is convinced of the conviction of the accused in the case.”

 For his part, Hanoun expressed his “optimism to conclude a memorandum of understanding with the US Department of Justice, in order to exchange information and experiences for the purpose of support and documentation, and technical cooperation to prevent and combat corruption, enhance expertise, and hold training courses at the headquarters of the Iraqi Anti-Corruption Academy for members of the Iraqi regulatory bodies and employees of the agencies.” counterpart in the countries surrounding Iraq.

Meanwhile, integrity experts at the US Department of Justice indicated “their awareness of the danger of corruption to state institutions in Iraq and its causing problems in the security and economic fields and the level of service provision to the people,” expressing their readiness to work with the State Department to complete the draft memorandum with the Iraqi side to provide support and exchange experiences, stressing that Their country will cooperate with Iraq to recover its smuggled money.”   LINK


Clare:  Al-Sudani directs that officers and members of the holding units be referred for investigation and that the presidential regiment be replaced


The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, directed the formation of a joint working team to investigate with security officials for the area in which the attack on the American Embassy and the headquarters of the National Security Service occurred.

The spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Major General Yahya Rasoul, said in a statement received by {Al-Furat News}: “Under the guidance and follow-up of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani, and to determine the circumstances of the attacks that took place against the Embassy of the United States of America in Iraq, as well as the headquarters of the National Security Service.” And a number of neighboring residential buildings. A joint working team was formed to investigate with the security officials for the area in which the attack occurred. In this context, officers and members from the holding units and specialized detachments within this sector were referred to specialized investigative committees to hold those who were negligent accountable, while it was decided Replace the presidential regiment with a regiment from the special division to hold the aforementioned sector. 

He added, “The working team, under the direct supervision of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, continues to pursue the perpetrators of this criminal act, to arrest them and bring them to justice so that they receive their just punishment, and to serve as an example to everyone who dares to tamper with security.” 

He pointed out that “the security measures will be strict against the elements who committed this terrorist act, and they will be subject to the law, especially since the competent security services have reached important leads about them, and the security forces have also been granted broad powers to immediately confront any action that affects the security of diplomatic missions and locations where advisors are located.” international community, and not to tolerate this matter at all.”    LINK