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!FRANK26…..5-19-24….PRAY FOR IRAN

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Clare:  Watch…the first shots of rescue teams heading to the site of the Iranian president’s helicopter crash


Iranian TV: Bad weather conditions in the west of the country hinder relief teams from reaching the Iranian president’s helicopter

Iranian TV: The helicopter carrying the country’s president has not yet been found and there is no detailed information about the accident

Iranian Emergency Authority: Sending Red Crescent rescue teams and marches to the site of the accident

Iranian Emergency Authority: We have not yet received any reports of the Iranian President’s helicopter crashing

Iranian Interior Minister: Rescue teams have not yet arrived at the scene of the accident, due to bad weather and fog. The president’s plane made a difficult landing.

Iranian Minister of Interior: We do not yet have information about the condition of the Iranian President due to weather conditions and the difficulty of reaching him.

The government IRNA agency: The Iranian president’s plane crashed in the “Dezmar Forest” in the general area between Farazgan and Julfa in East Azerbaijan province.

-It is not possible to communicate with the helicopter crew due to bad weather conditions.

Iranian Red Crescent: We sent a helicopter and rescue teams from 4 provinces, namely West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan, Zanjan, and Adrebil, to the difficult landing site of the helicopter that was carrying the president and his accompanying delegation.

IRNA: About an hour after the news of the accident involving the Iranian president’s helicopter was announced, rescue teams arrived at the announced location and began search operations.

IRNA: 20 rescue teams and drones were sent to the area, but due to the inability to cross the area and its mountainous and forested conditions, as well as unfavorable weather conditions, especially dense fog, the search and rescue operation will take time.

Fars Agency calls on Iranians to pray for President Raisi following reports of the crash of the helicopter in which he was traveling.  LINK


Clare:  Iraq offers assistance to Iran to search for the missing president

5/19/2024   Baghdad – 

Today, Sunday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani directed the Ministry of Interior, the Iraqi Red Crescent, and other competent authorities to present the capabilities available on the Iranian side to assist in the search for the Iranian president’s missing plane.

A statement from the media office, a copy of which was received by 964 Network , stated :

Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani directs the Ministry of Interior, the Iraqi Red Crescent, and other competent authorities to present the capabilities available to the Islamic Republic of Iran to assist in the search for the Iranian president’s plane that went missing in northern Iran.

Rescue teams are still searching for the Iranian president’s helicopter, which disappeared from radars. The authorities in Iran do not provide much information about what happened, but Iranian Interior Minister Ahmed Vahidi used the phrase “hard landing” to describe what happened to the president’s helicopter.

The Iranian Red Crescent said that the last appearance of the president’s helicopter, according to monitoring devices, was near a copper mine located in the “Dizmar” forest area between the villages of “Uzi and Pir Daoud” in East Azerbaijan province, while an Iranian official told Reuters, “We still have hope of finding the president, but “The information from the accident site is very disturbing.”

Rescue teams say that they were forced to stop aerial search operations, due to the intensity of fog in the area, and that they will continue operations by land, in rugged areas and within forests.

At the shrine of Imam Ali Ibn Musa al-Rida, in the city of Mashhad, northeast of the country, worshipers raised their hands to pray for the safety of their president, as well as at the shrine of Lady Masoumeh in the city of Qom in the center of the country.  LINK