Minister of Finance of the World Bank: The government is determined to reform Iraqi monetary policies

Minister of Finance of the World Bank: The government is determined to reform Iraqi monetary policies

During a meeting with Winston Cole, the Director of the Financial Management Project at the World Bank, and members of his delegation on Monday, the Minister of Finance, Taif Sami, stated that the government is committed to pursuing structural reforms related to financial and monetary policies and to maximizing the role of the private sector in development.

On Monday, the World Bank’s Winston Cole, Director of the Financial Management Project, and the accompanying entourage were met by Ms. Taif Sami Muhammad, the Minister of Finance.

Aspects of Iraq’s relationship with the World Bank were examined at the discussion, particularly in light of the ongoing collaboration program to finish implementing the economic reforms that the Iraqi government has approved.

Regarding this, the Minister of Finance expressed gratitude for the successful collaboration between the two parties, highlighting the desire of the Iraqi government to maintain it and the favorable environment it offers for investors and international financial markets with regard to the country’s economy. The Minister also emphasized the government’s resolve to keep pushing structural changes pertaining to monetary and financial policies and maximizing the contribution of the private sector to development.

Cole, for his part, emphasized that the World Bank wishes to maintain its excellent working relationship with Iraq and its support for its economic reforms. He also praised the performance of the Iraqi economy and the adaptability and fortitude it has shown in the face of adverse effects from fluctuations in the global economy. Finally, Cole emphasized that the Bank will continue to strengthen its collaborative efforts with the Iraqi government in order to improve overall indicators. Increasing the private sector’s involvement and finishing the ongoing development activities are important for the economy.