Minister of Oil: The Azmara unit project will increase the production of improved gasoline and reduce imports

Minister of Oil: The Azmara unit project will increase the production of improved gasoline and reduce imports

Hayan Abdul Ghani, Minister of Oil and Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs, stated: Today we commend the opening and fruition of the (Azmra Unit) project with a limit of eleven thousand barrels each day. This undertaking is viewed as one of the significant tasks in expanding the development of further developed gas fuel with a limit of 1,000 300 cubic meters each day. That amounts to one million three hundred thousand liters per day, reduces the amount of gasoline imported by one thousand three hundred cubic meters per day, and saves the state approximately 350 million dollars annually.

After the completion of the fourth refining unit project with a capacity of seventy thousand barrels per day, which entered into operation and production a short time ago, Abdel-Aghani mentioned that the project fits within the ministry’s plans to increase refining capacity, improve the specifications of petroleum products, and improve their quality. The fact that these projects were made possible by a national effort is the most important feature that sets them apart. After foreign businesses hesitated to implement it, in the South Refineries Company and its supporting bodies.

“The government and the ministry have paid a great deal of attention to the refining industry sector, with the aim of increasing national production in order to reach self-sufficiency and gradually shifting to exporting its surplus outside of Iraq,” the Minister of Oil continued. The eighteen months time of the public authority’s life has seen the acknowledgment and fruition of various activities in the refining business area.” Including the North Refinery with a daily capacity of one hundred fifty thousand barrels, the Karbala Refinery with a daily capacity of one hundred forty thousand barrels, the Azmara unit in both the Central Refineries Company and the North Refineries Company, and the fourth unit with a daily capacity of seventy thousand barrels that was completed in the South Refineries. Each day.

Abdul Ghani applauded the endeavors of Top state leader Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, saying, “Without your endeavors, we could never have had the option to proceed with the achievement and accomplish the public accomplishment. This is a genuine comment that ought to be made about you. We additionally praise and worth the endeavors of laborers in the oil area overall and in the refining business area and the Southern Processing plants Organization.”

According to Hamid Younis, Undersecretary for Liquidation Affairs, this project is part of the government and ministry’s plans to increase national production and improve its specifications. Younis emphasized that a number of projects in the north, center, and south that increase production capacities and enhance the production plans of the government and ministry will be completed in the coming period. Oil subsidiaries, including the impetus breaking project, which is one of the promising undertakings that changes oil squander into white items with Euro Five details and a refining limit of 55 thousand barrels each day, which is executed by the Japanese organization “JGC.” These ventures address a significant expansion to the business area. Refining.