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Ariel :what’s happening

Anyway aside from this whatever news we have something noteworthy coming up. The end of the Petrodollar on June 9th. Which means the chickens will come home to roost. Because all transactions will be dealt with through oil contracts in national currency. 

This will empower Iraq to denominate all contracts or trade deals in their currency. Which will raise the value significantly. Remember once we are officially on the gild standard the National Dept will be on the fiat USD. 

Not the new US Treasury Bills. But even without that we still have 45 states that made gold/silver legal tender exempt from any taxes. This is documented.

So whatever is going on with the National Debt will be for the old regime. That’s not our money. We will phase those old Federal Reserve notes out for new currency eventually.

Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Militia Man  Article:  “The Iraqi budget is moving toward ‘publishing and disbursing’ without presidential approval”  There is no need for the President to approve the budget schedules, as the Budget law was passed in June 2023. When it was approved then it allowed for the Government to amend the budget. The HoR gets to distribute the operational and investment expenses, allocations, and financial dues to ministries, institutions, bodies and government agencies in addition to disbursing to the governorates’ dues that are specified in the budget tables.

Frank26   [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]   FIREFLY:  Television is showing Sudani is asking questions about 57 trillion that was left over from the ’23 budget and nobody seems to know where this money is…There is no end to the corruption.  Obviously, our leader Sudani is protecting the monetary reform by not exposing the new exchange rate to these bad people.  FRANK:  57 trillion dinars is missing from the budget of ’23…Let’s pray that he can find that money because if I was Sudani I’m not going to release any exchange rate.  I’m not going to do anything with the contracts.



Carey:  The 57 trillion missing does not bother me. Sudani is a very smart man and I believe he has known about this for some while. And I am not concerned about this happening again due to the banking reforms and electronic payment structure in place. Every dinar will be accounted for going forward.

But I believe he made it public to let them (parliament) know that he (Sudani) knows what’s been going on and that he will hold them accountable for what has taken place. I am still very excited about what is happening.


Clare: Baghdad praises its financial budget and confirms: We have important projects in 2024

6/6/2024    Baghdad

Today, Friday, the Governor of Baghdad, Abdul Muttalib Al-Alawi, announced a package of projects in various sectors within the budget for the current year 2024, while confirming that the governorate’s allocations in the budget were good.

Al-Alawi said, “The financial allocations to Baghdad Governorate within the current year’s budget, 2024, are good,” explaining that “the government and the Parliamentary Finance Committee have an understanding and knowledge of the real needs and required resources in Baghdad.”

He added, “There is continuous communication with the government to meet the special needs required for the projects that will be implemented.”

He pointed out that “the governorate has several important projects during the 2024 budget, including projects in the water sector and building schools and roads, as well as the construction of pedestrian bridges that will be implemented in all areas of Baghdad, the paving of main roads, and strategic projects for sewers at the four entrances to the capital, in addition to the almost completed hospitals, which are “Health centers and strategic water projects will be opened soon.”

He stressed that “all project packages will be placed on the list of priorities of Baghdad Governorate in stages of implementation, whether within last year’s 2023 budget or in the 2024 budget.”   LINK

Saudi Arabia Joins China-Led Digital Currency System As Russia Welcomes Turkey To BRICS

Dean Foo:  6-7-2024

In a big update, Saudi Arabia just joined the BIS & China’s new digital currency project, mBridge.

This is a signal that de-dollarization is accelerating and a new financial system outside the West is building fast.

Meanwhile, Russia is welcoming Turkey’s desire to join BRICS. This is historic because a NATO member wants to join the Global South, another big risk to the dollar

 Here’s what you must know.

Timestamps & Chapters:

0:00 Saudi Joins China’s Currency System

3:01 A New Financial System Rising

 5:39 China’s Anti-Dollar Strategy

 8:40 Turkey Wants To Join BRICS

 11:08 De-Dollarization Escalates