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Clare:  Imam al-Sistani’s office publishes the Imsakiya for the month of Ramadan


According to the Imsakiya, it begins on Tuesday, the 12th of March, and ends on Wednesday, the 10th of April.   LINK

Clare:  Iraq is looking forward to joining the World Trade Organization

3/1/2024  Baghdad

Today, Friday, the Ministry of Commerce confirmed the government’s aspiration to join the World Trade Organization, especially after the Saudi representative in the organization, Saqr Al-Muqbel, was named to manage Iraq’s accession file, noting that his recent visit to Baghdad contributed to addressing a number of important files.

The ministry’s official spokesman, Muhammad Hanoun, told the official media and followed by “Al-Ghad Press” that “Iraq joined as an observer in the World Trade Organization from 2004, and until 2023.

This accession faced many problems and challenges, the most recent of which was the failure to pay dues to join the observer organization, but after… The announcement of the government program by Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani began work again on the possibility of Iraq joining this organization, as two sessions took place and a dialogue was held with the organization by the Iraqi negotiating team headed by the Minister of Commerce, Atheer Al-Ghurairi, which included all the relevant Iraqi ministries and bodies. 

Hanoun added, “The World Trade Organization assigned the Saudi representative to the organization, Saqr Al-Muqbel, to manage the file of Iraq’s accession, and he came to Baghdad on an important visit and met with the Iraqi negotiating team, and many issues were addressed, the most important of which were the files of goods and services, as well as the legislation that the Iraqi economic reform team in the Prime Minister’s Office would carry out.” By addressing it within the frameworks and legislation within which the World Trade Organization operates.” 

He continued, “Joining will achieve many things for Iraq, most notably that it will support the file of Iraqi goods and facilitate their entry into global markets, and secondly, the harmonization of Iraqi laws and regulations with international laws and regulations,” pointing out thatIraq has today become a major economic player on the world level and needs to harmonize Iraqi laws with international laws.” . 

He stressed, “Minister of Trade Atheer Al-Ghurairi attended the third session of the World Trade Organization, which was held in the Emirate of Dubai in the UAE, and met with the Assistant Director-General of the organization. We believe that the meeting will achieve progress in achieving the government’s aspirations regarding accession in an accelerated manner,” appreciating “the Saudi efforts in overcoming many special obstacles.” Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization.    LINK


Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Militia Man  Iraq has the attention of the world when it comes to ascension [into the WTO].  We have more than…the WTO, We have the World Bank…the ITC…Saudi Arabia….Armenia, the International Foundation for Corporations…What do they need with thatThey need freedom of capital movement.  That’s article VIII compliance…What a time to be an investor in the Iraqi dinar…

Pimpy   Here’s the biggie everybody is celebrating.  We’re not there yet but very close. Article:  “Iraq has completed requirements to join WTO: Minister”  We have to wait till they get voted in.  Yes they completed all the steps.  Let’s hope they keep their nose out of trouble and finally get accepted…Iraq is right there at the cusp, man, it really is.  This is big news.

Getting better and better Iqd

Nader:  3-1-2024

There we go we part of the wto

Nader:  3-1-2024