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BRICS Will Devastate US Dollar & Economy – Bo Polny

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Biblical cycle timing expert, geopolitical and financial analyst Bo Polny predicted last year to “expect the US dollar to go lower and gold, silver and Bitcoin to trend higher, much higher in 2024.” What have we seen so far? Bitcoin and Gold are, once again, flirting with all-time highs, and silver is starting to turn up, too.

 What about the dollar? So far, it is holding steady, but Polny contends the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are about to put a hurting on the buck. Polny explains, “The game changer is . . . the BRICS are about to attack the US dollar. I don’t care what anybody says, this is going to happen.

The dollar will be dethroned as the world reserve currency. When it is dethroned as the world reserve currency, the bond market will collapse, interest rates will spike and the real estate market will collapse. It will be absolutely devastating to the US economy.

This will fulfill the prophecy of Kim Clement. He said the brothers of Goliath, those are the BRICS nations, ‘we will stand in glee, we will cripple you.’ What does that mean, ‘we will stand in glee’? Didn’t we just see Putin slapping high fives in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and with everybody over there? . . .

We could see a high probability of a war beginning this March. Why? If you attack the supremacy of the US dollar, it’s an act of war. . . . The dollar will be dethroned as the world reserve currency. It will lose roughly 30% of it’s value, and that will take the USD index down to around the 70’s. Here’s the problem. This is not on millions of dollars of debt like the 1970’s.

We now have leverage, upon leverage, upon leverage with derivative contracts. So, a 30% haircut on derivative contracts (in the quadrillions of dollars) is devastating, devastating to the economy. I have said this before, and I am going to say it again, when the US dollar is dethroned as the world reserve currency, you are going to see Bitcoin blow vertical. This is why even at $60,000 (per unit), it is still a deal. Bitcoin is going six digits. I write this in my newsletter. We have a $100,000 price coming on Bitcoin, and that is just a warmup.

Polny goes on to say, “When the US dollar is dethroned as the world reserve currency, there are three things you want to hold. It’s everything opposite the US dollar. The first thing is God’s money. Number one would be silver, number two would be gold. The third thing is not God’s money, it is Bitcoin. It is going to go absolutely crazy because other countries will not accept the dollar as payment. . . . People are going to want to be paid in something that is real like gold, silver and crypto currencies.”

How high will gold and silver go? Polny says, “Right now, an ounce of gold should equal a Bitcoin. We could see gold and silver blow vertical soon. Gold is not allowed to go above $2,100 per ounce, and silver is not allowed to go above $26. . . . As long as the dollar is the world reserve currency . . . the control mechanism stands. When the dollar loses its world reserve currency status, gold and silver are going to blow vertical. Silver could go up three-fold in a single day, and that only starts the biggest bull market with gold and silver in history.”

In closing, Polny predicts, “You cannot stop what is coming. You cannot stop what is coming. The US dollar will be dethroned as the world’s reserve currency. Billionaires are front-running this trade. You can see it visually with Bitcoin. . . . Bitcoin is front-running what gold and silver are about to do this year. It will be much sooner than later. I think it could begin in March and into April. We are going to see gold and silver do a huge catchup game to what Bitcoin has been doing for years.”

Polny points out, “Keep in mind, when Bitcoin first started, it sold for less than a dollar per unit, and now, it is near all-time highs at around $62,000.”

There is much more in the 50-minute interview.


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Frank26    Willie Wonka…you get that golden ticket.  I think we got a golden ticket here.   I’m not too sure because it looks like something is going on.

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